RAW format images

Picasa currently supports RAW formats from the following manufacturers:

  • Adobe (.DNG)
  • Canon (.CRW, .CR2)
  • Casio (.RAW)
  • Fuji (.RAF)
  • Hasselblad (.3FR)
  • Kodak (.DCR, .KDC)
  • Leica (.DNG, .RAW)
  • Minolta (.MRW)
  • Nikon (.NEF, .NRW)
  • Olympus (.ORF)
  • Panasonic (.RAW, .RW2)
  • Pentax (.PEF)
  • Ricoh (.DNG)
  • Samsung (.DNG)
  • Sigma (.X3F)
  • Sony (.ARW, .SRF, .SR2)
Popular formats like CR2 and NEF are generally supported, but recently released camera bodies may create formats that cannot be read until Picasa is updated to handle that format. If you're using a RAW format or a camera that isn't supported by Picasa, please post your concern in our Picasa Help Forum. Google Guides monitor this group and are on the lookout for RAW image difficulties.

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