Collaborative albums

You can allow friends and family to add photos and videos to your Picasa Web Albums by adding them as contributors.

Add contributors

  1. In Picasa Web Albums, click the Share button.

    Google+ users: After you click Share, click on Send email only at the bottom of the window to continue on sharing your collaborative album.

  2. Add the email addresses for your contributors. Contributors must sign in to their Google Account to add photos and videos.
  3. Check the box next to 'Let people I share with contribute photos.'
  4. Click Share. The people you included will be sent an invitation to the album.

As the owner of the album, you have the ability to edit all uploaded content as if it were your own. Contributors can delete the content they've uploaded and they can make the following edits to everything in the album:

  • Add captions
  • Rotate

Manage contributors

When an album is shared with someone, they're added to the album's "Shared with" list. Toggle the Add Contributors icon next to their name to turn on/off the ability to contribute.


Two important notes:
  • All contributions count towards the album owner's Picasa Web Albums storage quota.
  • You're responsible for all content uploaded to your account. So if you're the album owner, make sure all photos adhere to our Program PoliciesSee our Photo policy.

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