Picasa video troubleshooting

Although many of these troubleshooting steps may apply to Mac users, they're built out specific to Windows. Mac users, please visit the Picasa for Mac Help Forum for troubleshooting assistance. There you'll find help from Google Guides and our most knowledgable users.

If you're having trouble playing your video in Picasa, use the troubleshooter below to resolve your issue.

Step 1: Make sure your file type is supported by Picasa and that you have the correct software to play it back.

Visit your camera manufacturer's website to see what type of video file your camera uses. Use this table to view a complete list of video file types supported in Picasa, and to make sure you have the software necessary to for playback.

Step 2: Enable the file type in Picasa

Make sure your video file type is enabled in Picasa.

Step 3: Update Quicktime or Windows Media Player

An outdated version of Quicktime or Windows Media Player may result in video playback issues in Picasa. Download the most recent version:

Step 4: Update your video card drivers

Outdated hardware can cause playback difficulties. Visit the website of your video card manufacturer to check for updated drivers for your card.

Step 5: Make sure your video file isn't corrupt

If your video file is corrupt, it won't play properly in any application. If other like video files play properly in Windows Media Player or Quicktime, your original video file may be corrupt.

Step 6: Update your video codec

You may be missing a required video codec. A 'codec' is basically a program that compresses your video and allows for playback. You'll need different codecs depending on the type of video file you want to play. Visit http://www.filehippo.com/download_klite_codec_pack/ to download and install the proper file.

Step 7: Uninstall and reinstall Picasa

Uninstalling and reinstalling Picasa can remedy many common video playback difficulties. Learn more about how to uninstall Picasa.

Step 8: Visit the Picasa Help Forum for assistance

Please visit our help forum to get additional support for your issue. You can post a question or find answers from Google guides and our most knowledgeable users.

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