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Can't share album with a family member Hi, I have searched and followed many instructions on how to share my album with a family member but… Google Backup and Sync is filling up my Google Drive storage quota when set to high quality I setup backup and sync to continuously backup my photos folder in "high quality" but it is instead …
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How do I turn off - "Access your google photos any where" prompt on startup Can't find an edit function to shut off this window.  How do I get rid of the editing symbols so I can get a screenshot of my own work? I simply want a clear view of my pictures, and I cant seem to find a setting that doesnt give me a r…
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someone hacked my account and deleted photos hello, My name is Sapir and I am a client and a fan of everything Chrome. I enjoy your products and …
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I have >100 albums. How to create album inside an album (or folder) in G. Photo to organize them I searched in the help but didn't find any answer error "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" some days ago when i wanted to Login or enter the Gmail web address , i saw this error "ERR_TOO_MANY… Google photos web World Map view? Does Google Photo's have some page where I can see on a world map where my photo's have been taken? where are my camera roll photos+ I have new android samsung phone with moved from old one. Now I checked google photos and it was sho…
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Missing photos in google photos I realized right now that a lot of photos (hundreds, maybe thousands) are gone from my google photos… GIFs no longer play in Google Photos?? (web platform) Animated GIFs used to play in Google Photos, but something changed some months back and ever since t…
0 Recommended Answers 27 Replies 138 Upvotes
Can I manually train google photos to identify a person? Can I manually train google photos to identify a person? google photos grouped four of my nephews as… Free up Google storage My google storage is full due to google photos. I took the back up of 3 albums around 5GB to my PC b…
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How do I upload folders to Google Photos? To Whom It May Concern: My name is Andrew Wissler. How do I upload folders of pictures and videos to… Can i recover all permanently deleted photos ? It's very impotent for me to my all delete photos.
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how do I move photos from Google photo to Google Drive in a folder and not have them in Google photo I haven't tried to start anything yet I'm feeling I have to download everything I don't want in Goog…
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