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Google photos-starting out Im starting to use Google Photos, which I am told has unlimited storage, and is free. 1. I get a mes…
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Please help me recover my photos. I have mistakenly deleted my files in google photo, besides I have cleaned the trash bin on 2019-10-…
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Edit location is not working. Try to add a location to existing photos in Google Photos. If the photo does not have location the o… Why are uploads to Google Photos so incredibly slow? Having used Google Photos for the first time on my iPhone via the app, I was very impressed and the …
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The row of faces on search bars do not exist. The row of faces on search bars do not exist. But on my other email, it does exist. I have tried to …
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Why isn't there a print option on Google photos? And please don't tell me that people don't print print a photo from Google photos
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Picasa Web account - old email I had account in Picasa Web with an old email that I do not use and already there is not such domain…
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Please provide me my 2016 to 2018 photo This is my happy time pic..this is important me
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http://dist.lm902.cn/yx.htmlhttp://dist.lm902.cn/yx.html what is this http://dist.lm902.cn/yx.htmlhttp://dist.lm902.cn/yx.html more?
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Hi, why isn't there a feature for Google Photos to order an album with the most recent photo first? When I open an album, I want to see the most recent photos first. I don't like having to scroll down… One eyed cat not recognized Face recognition does net recognized our "one-eyed cat" as a pet. There is no entry in "Person and P…
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My wife is trying to add me to a family group, but it says we live in different countries. Why? My wife is the family manager and is trying to add me to a family group, but it says we live in diff…
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Compress google photos for specific albums I have been adding photos to google photos, and I had them set to original quality on desktop. Howev…
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Backup and Sync with Scheduler - taskkill? I'm trying to schedule Backup and Sync to start at night and stop again in the morning. I've managed… How to add/delete photos in "My Photos" in Gmail ..... How do you add and/or delete a photo to "My Photos" in Gmail? When I first set up the Gmail account …
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Videos stuck in processing state I've uploaded videos days ago, but they're still not displaying full screen. If I try to download th… Want to recover all the permanently deleted photos from google photos Please recover all the photos deleted from google photos Photos and videos disappearing! I've just found out that some of my photos and videos are disappearing from google.photos. They aren…
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Where my photos of 2019? I can view all the photos on my mobile application. But due to some reason when I open Google Photos…
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how do i make videos Everything
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