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Updated: Today
my organisation of photos in picasa is gone. its a mess now in google fotos. what do i do? please help
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How to recreate Picasa way of working with Google Photos? I still use the Picasa client to edit my photos, add comments et cetera. However, uploading to a new… Problem sharing with a contact and email adress that's already in my contacts that's not a gmail account one has somehow disaapeare…
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How to mass add people to face recognition on Google Photos? Now that I've added/fixed new face recognition, is there a way to refresh Google Photos so it can sc…
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how can i recover my deleted photos from my phone? I am facing an issue that i accidently delete videos from google photos but its not in my trash. It …
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I just created a new gmail account and it won't let me upload my profile photo. Help!! I am trying to upload a photo to my profile picture. I know it's not the image itself because I used…
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Google photos on web is slow / laggy I find that using Photos on web (Chrome browser, but not sure it matters) is often very slow / laggy…
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Remove photo from album while in the photos tab hi, from within the photos tab it is possible to see which albums your photo is in by clicking on th…
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reclover permently deleted photos rcover deleted photos
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Desktop - Move To Album & Archive without having to Re-Select each time for multiple selections I often like to organise my photos so work
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ELI5 how to access Google Photos from Chromebook now I can't believe the options for the picker above on this Google forum didn't include Chrome OS... So…
0 Recommended Answers 52 Replies 69 Upvotes
I get the error "trouble confirming faces" after confirming same/different faces. How to fix? I have tries on Android and chrome on mac and chrome on PC. The error seems to have no help document…
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Google Photos sets a photo's date to upload date...WHY???? When I upload photos from the phone they were taken with, they show up under "Today" in Google Photo…
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Contact information Trying to get email contact for someone in product development
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Downloading a folder from Drive. A ZIP file gets created. OK. But I don't know where it is stored! I right clicked on the folder, chose "Download All". It creates a ZIP file. Then it does not show me… Safeguards to help avoid auto-sharing private photos? (Nudes or other graphic photos/videos) I have noticed that Google Photos now allows you to have the system automatically add photos/videos …
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I've been charged for something called GOOGLE Voyage Photos. I have no idea what that is. Pls help. I have raised the complaint to Google on the unauthorized transaction, but was disappointed. I am pr…
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G Suite Basic Account Face Grouping has suddenly disappeared. Fine on free account. Any ideas why? 2 weeks ago, the 'People' album and face grouping settings disappeared from my Google Photos on Andr…
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my videos has been stuck in processing mood for quite some time now, how can i download it please every time i try to download my video off of google pictures, i'm met with video is processing and c…
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unable to recover my deleted photos i accidently deleted my phots want to recover that .photos as been deleted from crash also .
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