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Updated: Yesterday
Why can I see my pictures on my mobile google /photos, but not so on my computer? Hi, I have seen a few posts regarding pictures backup on google accounts, but still remains unclear … My pictures and videos are not uploading fast! 8k+ pics and videos are still pending to backup Should backup fast! Not being backed up since a long now ! 8k+ pending pics and videos to backup.
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Signed into device A and B. Can I backup photos on device A to google photos using device B? I'm trying to move photos from a samsung that's not in my possession (but I'm signed into it with my…
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storage usage unusually increases and exceeds the limit My storage usage suddenly exceeded the limit about 120GB on July 11. It has been around 7GB and it b…
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Some videos are not uploaded high quality. now my google is almost full. How do i know which videos? Find the videos that are eating up my storage
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Backing up photos again and again My photo is being uploaded again and again . I backup up earlier but now it is again started backup.…
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I dont want my photos share on google ok Dont share my phones or show them out... Why are my Google photos not showing in my Google photo folder in google drive app? Photos that I take on my Android show up automatically on photos.google.com. However, they are not i…
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20 October 2020 my video recawar plez 20 October 2020 my video recawar please help me I was recover my delete videos I recovery my delete videos All my photos All my photos on the www
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