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Updated: Today
Message 'backup voorbereiden' blijft in beeld. Foto's worden niet geupload Google foto in en uitgeschakeld. Geen reultaat
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 88 Upvotes
Google Photos App not backing up photos from Camera folder on SD Card I have an SD card in my Galaxy S8, and changed the camera settings to save to the SD. So on the card…
0 Recommended Answers 45 Replies 392 Upvotes
My google photo archive I want unarchive Photos
0 Recommended Answers 22 Replies 407 Upvotes
How do I create an exact duplicate album (with images in the same order)? I'm using Google Photos to arrange images for a book I'm working on. I've created a Google Photos al… How do i know all pics on my S7 & SD card are backed up to the cloud? I love to take pictures (all w my phone, now) but can't seem to get my head around what's backed up … photos dont get deleted off phone after free up space After synchronizing all my photos from my phone to google photo I try to press "free up space". It f…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 5 Upvotes
Log in my account Backup my photos I can't delete my backed up photos to free up space I'm out of storage and I'm trying to free up space from my Google Photos (it's taking up 13.44GB of …
0 Recommended Answers 39 Replies 400 Upvotes
Free up space does not delete iOS portrait photos When I try to free up space using the google photos app in my iPhone X, it never deletes any photos … How can backup my hidden photo .i m hidden some personal pic in audio manager and I restor my phone How can bcak up my hidden photo by audio manager
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 45 Upvotes
Problem with google backup and sync So I do photography as a hobby, and I used to be able to just plug my camera in to my computer and m…
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 83 Upvotes
Updated: Yesterday
TEER OF SHILLONG AGENCY Hi all friends how are you all
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Unable to upload .mov files to Google Photos (web version) I am unable to upload .mov files on my desktop to the website, Google Photos. I attempted using safa…
0 Recommended Answers 19 Replies 122 Upvotes
Can't convert to high quality Hi,I run Google backup استعادة سلة مهملات صور جوجل فيديو علي سلة المهملات اريد استعادتهم Photos from Google Drive become corrupted and half-grayed out when transferred to Google Photos. I have backup and sync running on my PC which uploads my photos to Google Drive. These are then auto…
0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 199 Upvotes
Recently my google photo's download as HEIC files which i can't use - how do i get back to Jpeg's Looking for a free HEIC image convertor to Jpeg Why does Photos keep getting stuck uploading photos? (and I've gone so far as to reset my phone) I reset my Note 8 after the Oreo update. When I started Google Photo's backup after that, it spent d… Google Photos does not sync all photos to Google Drive After enabling the option to create a Google Photos folder in my Drive, certain photos do not show u… Google Photos folder in Google Drive (My Drive) not syncing all photos The expectation is that all the Google Photos are synced to the Google Drive folder called "Google P…
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