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I pressed free up space then it says delete 4663 i can press cancel or delete i press delete and nothing happens and the number keeps growing and my phone has run out of space as I can’t delete these photos I try to free up space, but it will not allow me to delete now over 4000 pictures
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Sony ARW support degrading I'm noticing that support for Sony ARW files seems to be progressively degrading. These files no lon…
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How do I activate unlimited original quality storage option of pixel device ? Hi, I'm a pixel user and I should've unlimited storage. But, I got a mail from photos saying that my… how do i set my phone to only backup when charging auto photo/video backup is killing my battery. is there a way to only backup photos when charging? m… استعادة سلة مهملات صور جوجل فيديو علي سلة المهملات اريد استعادتهم What's the difference between "album archive" (translated from dutch) and google photo's? So I was browsing on some sites, and landed on Google Photo's. No problems there. But then, later, I… I am unable to use google photos on my iPhone 6s , getting error- You are not connected to internet Google photos working fine on wifi but getting error on cellular connection - ‘You are not connected…
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videos only in 360p resolution Some of my videos are only in 360p. (some are in full resolution in 1080p). I was upload that files … How can I delete photos from my phone but keep them on Google Photos? Is there any way to delete certain photos from my phone without having them deleted from Google Phot…
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Google Photos App not backing up photos from Camera folder on SD Card I have an SD card in my Galaxy S8, and changed the camera settings to save to the SD. So on the card…
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Photos not syncing across iOs devices I have Google photos app on iPhone and iPad, backup and sync enabled on both. Photos I backup from t… Why do deleted pics & vids from my phone gallery disappear from Google Photos as well? Selected free up space and upon del pics/vids from gallery.. it also deletes from google photos Why are my videos uploading in low quality despite selecting them to upload in original quality? I saved 2 videos from my phone to a shared google album. On the original device, they are playing in… my 2017 to may 2018 photos missing plz recover plz find my pic
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Why are uploads to Google Photos so incredibly slow? Having used Google Photos for the first time on my iPhone via the app, I was very impressed and the …
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Restore photos after freeing up space Hi everyone, I have a LG K10 2017 M250DS 32GB and accidentally I clicked the option "free up space" … Problems after freeing up space Hello everyone, I have a LG K10 2017 M250DS 32GB 4GB, and I'm having some troubles after accidentall…
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