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Some of my photos are not backing up since a week, the error says not backed up. Too big or unknown Have cleared cache, tried reinstalling the app, tried uploading manually still the pictures that are… Google Photos folder in Google Drive (My Drive) not syncing all photos The expectation is that all the Google Photos are synced to the Google Drive folder called "Google P… It's been more than a week that an uploading process is going on. Neither the file is uploading nor the process is ending. I have no clue how to get rid of this constant notification saying "Uploading 1 item". Please help me with this I can't find the place where I can stop this uploading process. Edited photos fail to backup I've noticed a problem with the android app. I have it set to upload when WiFi is available. If I ta…
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Google Photos Backup Stuck: "Getting ready to back up" Hello I know this is a known issue on the community but its really pissing me off now. The app has b…
0 Recommended Answers 17 Replies 186 Upvotes
Videos won’t play I can’t play most of my backed up videos on the app, it says that there’s an error. I tried to sing …
0 Recommended Answers 88 Replies 586 Upvotes
Google photos is syncing my ex's photos as well. How do I stop it? On my Google Photos I can see all my photos, but also every photo my ex husband takes or recieves. W… How can I delete photos from Google Photos without deleting synced photos from my device? Here is my situation 1. Accidentally, sync photos from mobile to Google Photos, and reduce a huge sp… I am supposed to have free unlimited storage at original resolution with my Google Pixel phone ? ??? What should I do? I can't delete my backed up photos to free up space I'm out of storage and I'm trying to free up space from my Google Photos (it's taking up 13.44GB of …
0 Recommended Answers 40 Replies 447 Upvotes
Log in my account Backup my photos Why does Photos keep getting stuck uploading photos? (and I've gone so far as to reset my phone) I reset my Note 8 after the Oreo update. When I started Google Photo's backup after that, it spent d…
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