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The links that I share to my google photos don't work. I need this resolved asap. Where can I call This used to work. It's no longer working. I want this fixed asap. What do I need to do to get some … The new Gmail inbox has problem deleting mails. They keep coming back every time I open my Gmail. Unable to permanently delete mails in Gmail. I just discovered a charge to my bank account "GOOGLE *GOOGLE PHOTOS G.CO/HELPPAY#CA". What is this Dispute an unauthorized charge When attempting to mass download photo album, "HTTP ERROR 400" occurs. How do I fix? I am trying to download a photo album but every time I try to "download all", I am met with an "HTTP…
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How to cancel upload photos Please help
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HOW TO DELETE PHOTOS IN GOOGLE PHOTOS WITHOUT DELETING IT ON MY DEVICE? My Samsung S7 has been automatically synced to Google Photos so every time I took a photo it automat…
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How do I delete photos from Google Photos but not from my device? I have my photos backed up to Google Photos, but anytime I try deleting a backed-up photo, the origi… Google Photos asks for update every time when I open it. There is no further update available. I have uninstalled the app several times and re-installed again but the messages keeps appearing. How to make it dissappear ? Please help to solve this issue, Un installed and re installed the app several times
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How to update Google photo app I got an email from Google telling me I need to update Google photo, with a link to update. The link… Can't download photos from Google Drive After I accidentally hit "free up space" on my Google Photos app, I decided to put my photos in Driv…
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