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How can I add description to my album and title for each photo? I was a big fan of Picassa and am creating an album from my travel for the first time since the migr…
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Please help MIT Berkshire by using a google account from the nanny Lane app if so now I’m having to sign into dropbox and it stoned me to put in the Google account now I put in my other account in the password and it saying I’m going to have to change the password and it seems like every time I try to get into the nanny app it will not take my password OK so my first question is am I supposed to be using my iPad Google account to sign in to nanny late… Android - Photos - Album - "Error, couldn't upload media" Apparently from my "Photos" app in Android, I can create albums. It's opaque to me what this actuall…
0 Recommended Answers 18 Replies 222 Upvotes
HOW TO DELETE PHOTOS IN GOOGLE PHOTOS WITHOUT DELETING IT ON MY DEVICE? My Samsung S7 has been automatically synced to Google Photos so every time I took a photo it automat…
0 Recommended Answers 101 Replies 1017 Upvotes
how to stop showing cache photos and ads cache thumbnails in google photos app...its very irritated. i have to stop cache photos, thumbnails and many other... what should i do to stop them .. its very …
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Keep your favorite photos up to date with Live Albums Live Albums take the work out of sharing by letting you create an album that automatically updates b…
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People /Face recognition file empty Hi, as a french user I recently moved into Canada so I was really hyped about the "Face recognition … small number by icon There is a small red number two on the upper right corner of the Google Photos Icon on my phone. It'… Without using album how to sort google photos in order of newly first How to sort photos according to date without using album feature( I mean direct arranging of photos … Photos won't send through messages Restarting my phone
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I just made a movie from photos but can't find it! Help Made a movie but can't find it anywhere I cannot save google photos to my device. Keeps saying oops something went wrong. Tried everything I have deleted and re-downloaded the app, I have cleared storage on my device (I have way more than …
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My album with ~1000 photos now only contains 10. Another with a lot of photos is now empty. Looked in Trash and Archive but nothing, waited a week still nothing.
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