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Suggested Rotation Not Saving My Google Assistant suggests photos that need to be rotated, which is super helpful. I go into the c…
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upload and sync failed with partial upload and now i don't see my photos and videos on cloud tried to sync my photos to cloud, now i see only few pictures and all of them are stuck in low resol…
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Remove thumbnails of faces I have a tonne of photos in my Google Photos of thumbnails close-ups of peoples faces that appear in… I permanently deleted the deleted photos in trash from my Google Photos.How do I retrieve them? I am trying to retrieve permanently deleted photos which I accidentally deleted in trash on Google P… Find photos without geotagging How can I search for photos that are not geotagged? I would like to geotag them manually, but withou…
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iCloud to Google Photos: Photos acquired from third-party apps syncs with the wrong date? I've been trying to transfer my iCloud Photo album to Google Photos for weeks, and trust me, I have …
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Won't backup all photos I have an iphone 5s, and it's like, dying or some crap cuz it's apple, surprise, surprise. I'd love …
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Pictures erased from Google I have permanently deleted some photos from my Iphone, but somehow they have been deleted from Googl…
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I want to recover permanent deleted photos on my google photos I tried searching in google photos but i am unable to find it.
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How to use colour pop feature Color pop • Starting today, you might start seeing these new creations in the Assistant tab. The sub… how to recover permanently deleted photos from google photos I want my permanently deleted photos My old photos on google photo is shown on other device but not on my device. I have tried to backup but not possible.
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Want to recover all the permanently deleted photos from google photos Please recover all the photos deleted from google photos "Best photo"-how to turn off? When I take two or more similiar pictures, the Google Photos app combines it into something called "… I tried to place my photo book order but it never gave me a confirmation page on the app, help How do I know if my order went thru since a confirmation page never came up.
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Google Photos does not upload my photos from a dedicated folder on a Windows 10 Pro Hi, Until 12th July, I used Backup and Sync to i) upload all my documents and photos on Google Drive…
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Why Android devices don't have face/people in info section same as IOS in Google photos app? Just let you know bottom right corner is from IOS Google photos app and other screenshot is my phon… How do I stop Whatsapp media from saving to google photos Go to settings-> backup and sync-> there is no option to control which folders to sync with g. Photo… My 1080p video is rendered well (but says 720p), but when it fully processes to 1080 it looks bad This is the 1080p version. It looks fine, but when you click on it, you can see the lines around the…
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How do I prevent unwarranted photo recovery and photo edit reversion? I’ve tried to delete photos in the past from coming back and for some reason they won’t delete perma…
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