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I wrongly set all my photos to a same date. How can I recover the right dates? 2 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 0 Upvotes
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I have 5k photos and videos so I don't want to download and reupload these photos and videos. These photos and videos did not change in the Google Drive. So I think Google should be able to get the exif created time or the last modified time of the photos.
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Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible other than, as you suggest by downloading, deleting (once the images are safely in a computer's hard drive folder) and then updating again. When you told Google Photos to set a date manually, you told it to ignore the EXIF data and there is not, I don't believe, a command that can get it to revert. If I find out otherwise, I will come back and post to this thread. Sorry not able to deliver better news.
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@Lobalobo But the EXIF data and last modified time did not change, so I think Google Photos should be able to get the right time. Maybe I share the original file to another account, delete them in my account and copy back?
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You are correct that the EXIF data has not changed, but you have told Google Photos not to use the EXIF data.
As for your suggestion of sharing a video with another Google Photos account and then deleting it from the original account and sharing it back (you said "copying" it back, but I assume you mean sharing): you should try this with a test image but be sure to add the shared image to the recipient library before deleting it from the donor's (or it will disappear from both places). I don't suspect that this will work, because I think Google Photos will dutifully transmit the corrected date and time to the recipient account, but I'm not sure and it is certainly worth a shot.
Please report back on whether this works as it will help us advise other users. (And on the chance that it doesn't, I will, as promised, ask around for other solutions beyond downloading, deleting, and re-uploading, and I'll report them here if I find any.)
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@Lobalobo Google Photos will transmit the corrected date when I share photos but Google Drive won't. I don't think using Google Drive to share and copy twice is a good idea, and it only works for "photos" which have the EXIF data, and doesn't work for "screenshots".
I think it is not difficult for Google Photos to add a new feature which reset the dates by getting EXIF data or last modified time of photos.
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@Lobalobo Or can I delete all my data (the dates I manually set)  in Google Photos except the photos' original data in Google Drive, then sync photos from Google Drive to Google Photos?
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