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Until 12th July, I used Backup and Sync to i) upload all my documents and photos on Google Drive; ii) Google Photos automatically uploaded the photos from Google Drive.

As you know, following the change Google made on 12th July, it is not possible to do this anymore.

I would then like to have one dedicated Google Photos folder on my computer. And Backup and Sync automatically uploading the photos on Google Photos. 

I have created a new folder called "Google photos" 
C:\Users\User\Google Photos

I have copied my new photos (post 12th July) in sub-folders of this folder. And I clicked on: Sync and backup / preferences / My laptop / Choose folder 
(and ticked this folder: C:\Users\User\Google Photos)

And then ticked "upload newly added photos on Google Photos".

I thought this would automatically upload all my new photos on Google Photos. 

But the outcome is a bit random: some photos are uploaded, others are not.

Can you please let me know how to solve this / give me a better way to upload automatically my selected photos from Windows 10 to Google Photos? (something that should be easy to do, I guess!)


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Hi Vincent, 
you describe exactly what should be done and it should work flawlessly.  Assuming standard jpg photos which have not been previously uploaded. Is there anything different about the failures?
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Hi Peter, 

Thanks a lot for your message. I am 100% sure that some photos and videos taken in July, August and September have been uploaded and many others are missing. 

I am sure of that because:

1) I cannot find some photos when I look at Google photos gallery

2) Even when I search the names of the missing ones on Google Photos, they don't appear. (And the one that appeared in the gallery also appear when I look for their names - so no problem with the search button.)

3) in my Google photos folder, the ones that have been uploaded have a green tick. But the ones that have not been uploaded do not have the green tick: some have no ticks; some have a red cross. 

Two other pieces of info that may be relevant to solve the issue:
- All the photos and videos that are missing have the same format as the ones that have been uploaded (jpg, mp4 files). The ones that have no ticks at all were taken with a Samsung S9 phone. The ones that have a red cross have been taken with an iPhone 5s. But the upload seems random: some photos taken during that period with the samsung or with the iPhone were uploaded; others were not.

- And in case this is important: my "Google photos" folder doesn't have any Google sign (as the multicolor triangle that appear on my Google Drive folder). This is a random folder that I have linked to Google photos by clicking on: Sync and backup / preferences / My laptop / Choose folder /  "upload newly added photos on Google Photos".

I hope this help and we can find a solution. 

Many thanks!
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Just a intermediate remark: there was no reason to change to a dedicated folder after July 12 because there was no major change in Backup & Sync apart from deletions-rules. 
So how do you ensure on your computer that new pictures (maybe after editing) go into that dedicated folder and did you check if this folder also is present under https://drive.google.com/drive/computers

PS: in my Windows filemanager (Explorer) I only see a green checkmark for the synced folders. Not a colored triangle.
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Hi Rinus,

Many thanks for your reply.

I put the new photos in a new folder since 12th July because:
i) the new photos in the previous dedicated photo folder (part of Google Drive on my Windows) continued to sync with Google drive. But were not uploaded on Google photos anymore. I think this is the main change that Google made on 12th July.

ii) I tried to keep the same dedicated photo folder to upload the new photos on Google photos. To do so, I  clicked on: Sync and backup / preferences / My laptop / Choose folder / (and I selected my previous photo folder) / and ticked "upload newly added photos on Google Photos". But I got an error message: "can't add path: [ ] because it is a sub-folder of a folder that is already been synced". Which is partly true: it is syncing with Google Drive (as it is part of my Google Drive folder on my Windows). But not syncing with Google Photos anymore. This is why I created a new folder outside of my Google Drive to specifically upload photos to Google photos. But it doesn't work: some photos are uploaded, others are not :(

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Sorry, I don't want to interfere with Peter - but I just wanted to have a better explanation about your dedicated folder. I also have a "dedicated folder" for testing B&S and that always works perfectly, but that folder just is a subfolder of the main Pictures-folders and not in the synced Google Drive folder. 

PS: in meantime you can check and report if that dedicated folder also is present at https://drive.google.com/drive/computers and perhaps filled completely.
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Hi Rinus,

Thanks for your help. My "dedicated folder" for Google photos is located here:
C:\Users\User\Google Photos
(It is not in the Google Drive folder.)

You're right - when I go to: https://drive.google.com/drive/computers  and then "my laptop" I find two folders: Google Driver and Google Photos. And in the Google Photos folder, I find all the photos that I took since 12th July. 

This means Google does upload this folder on Google Drive but has only uploaded some (c. half) of the photos on Google Photos. 

Do you know what I should do to have all the photos uploaded on Google Photos?


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