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I have been using Google Photos for years, and am currently using the Backup and Sync app on my Mac.  My process has been to export the latest pics from Mac Photos to a folder on my Desktop, and Backup and Sync compares and uploads them.  I shot arond 3,000 pics during a week day camp in August.  Many were uploaded, but many were not.

As an experiment, I set up a second account from scratch with another of my emails.  I put all 2,900 pics in a different folder and set up Backup and Sync to upload them overnight.  As of this morning, the app said it finished syncing 8 hours ago, but only uploaded 1,693, or roughly half.

What’s going on???  Why is Backup and Sync only uploading half of my photos?  It used to be so reliable!

R Carbaugh
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No logical explanation because I assume that it are the same filetypes. 
Or not precisely? 
Many GoPro-shots perhaps? 
Also: Google may restrict the number uploaded in one go or your internet is too slow???

My experience: don't use Backup& Sync at all , but just upload your files straight into https://photos.google.com not by using dragging, but by using its UPLOAD-button. 
Then you also wil get the opportunity to add to a (new) album.
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@Rodney were there any burst photos in the total, it could be similar photos being skipped as duplicates. Not something we have heard of before though. Are there any skip reports when you click on the Backup and Sync cloud icon? Also, do you see the full 2,900 under the folder tree at   https://drive.google.com/drive/computers Peter
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Hi @PeteranDi:
Thanks for offering some options.  No bursts, a handful of rapid fire frames, but not very many.  No GoPro shots.  Maybe 3 short iPhone videos in the original problem account, no videos in the test account of 2,900.  These are over 95% from my Canon Rebel T4i, which I have used for six years.  I did just begin shooting RAW a month or more ago, which may be a coincidence.  I exported all the photos into a folder on my desktop as JPEG files, and they are around 10MB or so each.  I did some edits in some photos within Photos app, and switched to RAW as Original to do those edits.  Again, the folder that B&S was targeting is all JPEG files, all less than 20mb.  Also, I specifically checked one of the photos that it skipped.  It was unedited, and still had the JPEG as Original setting in Photos.  When I edit, I switch to RAW as Original.  However, I only edit about 20% of the shots.

I manually uploaded a pair of shots that were skipped, and they went just fine.  I just dragged them from the desktop to the Google Photos page which was open in Safari.  There is no duplication checking at that point, though.  Also, I tried to drag in 500 or more photos at a time, and it loaded about half of them.  Iit generated a list of photos that would not load, but gave no reason.  When I tried to upload the missing ones, they loaded just fine individually.

As to the folder tree on the drive, it only shows 912 of the 2,900 (on the test account that I built) that I exported to the target folder on my desktop.  My internet service is FIOS at over 50MB/50MB, which is quite fast, so I don't think there is a speed issue.  Perhaps Backup and Sync doesn't want to sync more than 500 or so at a time, but someone needs to publish that limit if that is the case.

No skip reports on Backup and Sync menu icon.

I am now trying to have B&S sync my entire library of 150,000 or so photos.  It has been running for about 48 hours now, and says Syncing 41,866 of 868611.  How it turned 150,000 into over 850,000, I have no idea. It does say Can't Sync 481 items.  I looked at some of those items and they are very small photos.  It is slowing down my computer, but I'll suffer through it for a few days to see if they all load.

Thank you for reading.  I'm wide open for options.
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Okay, all.  I'm stymied, but I think my problem is solved somehow.  Since I started this thread, I focused Backup & Sync on my actual Mac Photos folder, instead of a simple folder on my desktop that I had exported my jpeg photos to.  After about 48 hours, that syncing process seems like it will take a week or so.  It is saying Syncing 42800 of 868000.  I don't believe that I have more than 150,000 photos, so I don't know where it is getting that total number.

So what happened?  Now, the 2,900 photos I took of the week of kids day camp has turned into 7,800 photos, obviously there are lots of duplicates there.  I don't know if it is because it is now uploading my entire collection of photos in the Photos app, OR if it simply takes a week or two to categorize and process all the photos that I uploaded, and my various manual attempts to load shots that had not loaded resulted in a lot of duplicates.

 So now, I have a lot of duplicates on that week of day camp, but I probably have at least one copy of each, which is the goal.

The test account that I set up and loaded 2,900 or so pictures initially indicated only 1,800 photos or so.  Now, several days later, all 2,900 photos seem to be there, so that clearly indicates that Google takes some time to process all the photos in a large batch.  Even though many of the photos show up immediately, they may not all show up for a few days.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.  Any bright ideas on how to check for and delete duplicates?  Maybe I delete one day at a time and re-upload that day.
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