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Photos disappeared after moving to another device folder
So, i've been on holiday and organizing my photos in two different device folders, (i'm using a pixel 2) which were also set to sync&backup. However i noticed over 200 pictures are missing for no reason. They're not in trash, i can't see them using the web browser, or a file manager. I'm not using a 3rd party app so it's not an answer either.

I managed to find 20-30 of them from get.google.com/archive because they were synced before i left my hotel and lose wifi, but the rest were taken when i had no internet and disappered before i was online again. Things get stranger because 1 of 5 photos i took within a few seconds is visible but the others (and 90% of them) are gone. It's also strange that some of the photos appeared as they were taken on April 21 or 22 even though I took them today (23) (this was fixed after a few minutes by itself).

It's very frustrating to lose almost all the photos you took after walking more than 7 hours, especially  when your reason to buy a Pixel 2 is not carrying a dslr camera all the time.

I've seen similar posts from 2017 and quite a lot from last week, hope this will be fixed in a way that i can get my photos back.
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Hello Gokhun,

Thanks for posting in the Google Photos Help Forum.

I understand how important the photos are for you and I'll try my best to help. It can be possible that the photos weren't uploaded successfully to Google Photos (cloud) and also make sure you're logged in to Google Photos with the same Google Account that you used during the backup. Photos/videos that are not synced or backed up, will still appear in Google Photos and will have this icon  (which means not synced/backed up) or some photos/videos will also show up with the two arrows in a circle mean backup is in progress.

Once the upload is complete there will be no icon on any photos/videos. Often, many of us misinterpret that they are all backed up because the photos/videos show up in Google Photos and we over see the icons on each photo/video. If the photos/videos weren't backed up they cannot be deleted from the Google Photos library nor Trash.

In case, you are uploading a large amount of data (photos/videos), please know that it might take 24-48 hours for the photos and videos to sync across all devices. Please ensure to have 'Backup & sync' enabled on the Google Photos settings while you're backing up your photos and videos. To check is the content is backed up, login in to photos.google.com to checked for your backed up photos and videos. 

However, if you're sure they were backed up, I recommend you looking for your video here:
If a photo/s is deleted from Google Photos, it would go to Trash/Bin for the next 60 days (after deletion). Unfortunately, if the photos aren't found in Trash or deleted from Trash, I'm afraid, you might not find them else where to recover them because Trash is the last resort to retrieve your lost/deleted photos.

Meanwhile, also try giving the below steps a try once again in a sequence to help resolve the issue:
  • Close the Google Photos app and re-launch it.
  • Sign out and sign back in to Google Photos with the same Google Account.
  • Clear App data:
    • Open your device's Settings app (not the Google Settings app).
    • Touch Apps.
    • Select Google Photos in the list.
    • Touch Clear data.
  • Update the Google Photos app on your Android phone:
    • Visit the Google Play Store.
    • Open Google Photos.
    • Touch on Update.
Let me know how it goes.

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Hi Amanda,

By looking at your answer, i doubt if you actually read what my problem is. What i'm saying is, the photos are disappeared when i was offline and moving them into another device folder from 'Camera' folder - so it has nothing to do with waiting 24-48 hours, or being synced or not synced. Like i said before, they're not in trash because i didn't delete them (i checked it anyway but they're not there). They're not visible in any of the links you mentioned, they're not coming back when i logout and login or switch accounts. I already checked the links, but again, it has nothing to do with google photos or drive because I was offline. They were in the folder and 10 minutes later they were gone.

I hope you can dig this deeper and give me an actual feedback instead of copy pasting what is already in the FAQs.
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Hi Gokhun,

Thanks for responding.

In that case, these photos are not yet backed up or synced to Google Photos. I recommend contacting your device manufacturer for further assistance.

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I've had this exact same problem twice, also on a Pixel 2. If, when I am offline and not backing anything up, I try to "Move" multiple photos from my main camera gallery to a device folder that is not set to Backup & Sync only one of the photos is moved and the other are all lost forever, at least as far as I can tell. It is extremely frustrating.
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This just happened to me on vacation in Ireland. Of course the best pictures I took are all gone from a span of 5 hours. And I noticed the other images from the previous day are gone as well. I guess if I don't move them hopefully they will backup and the rest of my images will be there. I'm actually heartbroken and was hoping there was a way to get them back besides going back and recreating them all.
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The same thing just happened to me when I upgraded phones. I upgraded from a samsung galaxy 7 to a samsung galaxy s9. It's heartbreaking! I had over 5000 photos that disappeared. I have read on other blogs that it is a glitch in a software update! Those are memories of loved ones that are no longer here that can't ever be replaced! I am totally sick over this!
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I have a brand new pixel too and this has happened to me every single time I move photos into a new folder. I don't like to back up my photos as they're usually not important to keep long term but they shouldn't disappear just because you move them and you shouldn't have to have your device constantly backed up for fear they might disappear at any moment if you try to organise them. This is clearly a software problem that falls on the manufacturer and to be honest it's one that pisses me off. Another issue I have is when my phone enters low battery mode after it drops below 15% the home button becomes inaccessible. It only appears for a brief millisecond when I tap the screen to bring it up and I am unable to select it fast enough before it disappears. If I enter a video that doesn't have its own enter/exit full screen button, I get stuck on that screen and my phone can only display that video. Basically you guys blew it in these two areas. How do you fix this? 

Still less glitchy than an iPhone tho, but that's because they set a low bar, not because you guys went all out and did amazing
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How more simply can I put this?  I had image X in folder 1. I select image X and say move to the "camera" folder. It moves there and i can see it. one second later is disappears before my eyes!
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Same problem here, I moved a picture from a folder to a new one. One week later, the folder and the pictures within it disappeared.
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Two years after this post was originally made and I just had a similar problem. Spent hours trying to find a handful of pictures to draw, moved them to a different folder to organize them, and POOF. They vanished. I've been using this folder for a couple of months now and never had any issues until now. I don't understand how this fatal bug is still persisting.
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