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When I restart my computer backup sync starts uploading the same photos again and again and again! 0 Recommended Answers 83 Replies 344 Upvotes
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Backup my photos will never ever end at this rate! I have 400,000 photos.  I know I had to switch to backup sync and I understood it would have to re-index all photos and upload them again.  But after many days of uploading it had about 100,000 to go.  But my windows wasn't acting right so I had to stop the upload and reboot my system a few hours ago.  Now it is looking at all my photos again and it has started uploading photos and directories it did LAST time.  So it looks like it is going to start at scratch and upload all 400,000 again! WTF ... Google needs to bring back the old photo sync program because this one is broken and not make us switch until it has been fixed.  

At this rate every time I reboot my system it will want to upload 400,000 every time! That is nuts!
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Hi Joseph,

Welcome to the Google Photos Help Forum.

I do understand the inconvenience as the same photos are getting uploaded to your Google Photos. Therefore, I suggest trying these troubleshooting steps in a sequence and see if any help:
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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This did not correct my issue.
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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for posting back.

Could you please share a screenshot with me so that I can look into the matter and help you accordingly? Please redact any personal information while sharing the screenshot. 

Keep me posted.

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I have the same problem. The original Photos backup only looks for new photos and only backs these up taking about 5 minutes at Windows start up.
The new Backup and Sync takes around seems to to compare very photo I have and takes around three hours running everytime I start up windows to do the same thing.
I have configured it to ONLY back up photos but I have had to revert ot the original Photo Backup to stop all my bandwidh being taken up comparing every photo I have every time I start Windows.
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I've noticed this issue myself. I have Backup & Sync set to scan one folder to upload/sync about 8,000 photos. I do not use auto-upload from my phone because I want to go through my photos and decide what to keep.

And yet every time my computer restarts, Backup & Sync seems to resync everything, at enormous cost of my time, my laptop's CPU, and my internet bandwidth to do other things. Just now, I rebooted following some Windows 10 updates and it resynced everything. Then I changed one minor setting on Backup & Sync (so that it asks me whether to remove items from everywhere), and upon clicking "OK" to save my change it is now resyncing again!

I should add on that on very few of these scans (and none today) do I actually have new photos to upload. But for my 8,000 photos it may take 45-60 minutes to conduct this scan. If this persists I will be forced to remove Backup & Sync from having permission to run on startup, and just run it periodically so it doesn't get in my way.
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Same issue, I have over 120,000 photos that I want backed up, 90% of them were already backed up. I left it running for a week and it succeeded in backing up 118,267 photos before Windows Update forced my computer to restart. Now it's back at 928 of 22,853 (and counting)... ridiculous.
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and at the end it shows that 33423 items have been skipped because there are already in Google Photos, time and again. It seems it doesn't remember that those files were already uploaded and it checks every... single... time...
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If you open Google Drive from Backup n' Sync (B&S)  taskbar icon -

....click on the drop-down arrow next to "My Drive" &

.....look for the folder named "Google Photos". This is the folder previously used by good ol'e Photos Backup (may he rest in peace) :'(
Delete "Google Photos" folder.

......then go to the Google Drive Bin ((or "Trash" for USA)) ...on the web - left column, 3d from the bottom icon, and make sure you delete it from there too. (....and no ....this does not delete your collection of pictures in Google Photos !!!).

Also ...for good measure (try without this first, as to be honest - it might not be necessary!!!)
......((THIS MIGHT CAUSE ISSUES FOR MAC USERS APPARENTLY - and may possibly be counted towards your Drive quota if you have Photoshop "psd" files, etc and have not chosen to ignore them - SO TRY WITHOUT THIS CHANGE - See PeteranDi comment, 16 replies down from here)) ........change the setting from sync "Only Photos and Videos" TO ...."All files and folders"

......Make sure Google Drive (on the web) has the following setting UN-ticked (click on the cogwheel "Settings" icon at the top right of the web page - next to the Help-query icon)..... "Create a Google Photos folder" = UN-TICK & click DONE.

B&S gets stuck in a stupid never ending loop of time wasting, bandwidth chomping, processor hogging, because it's trying to sync not only the folder you've just told it to backup (where your pics reside on the PC / laptop) but also the "OLD" "Google Photos" folder in My Drive. Realizing time after time after time ...etc ....that it can't have the same versions of the photos / videos synced on G-Photos.... so goes back & tries again, and again, and again (every reboot) ...just in case Mr Google has changed the rules while you'd put your computer to bye-byes ....which he hasn't !!! STUPID thing!

After I restarted my laptop, having deleted the offending folder (and checking Google Photos in a sweaty fear that I'd deleted forever, my beloved 30,000+ photos & videos I'd spent many an hour editing & saving.....but were still there ...fully intact and edited) .... B&S chomped it's way through everything again .....but this time ... ONLY ONCE !!!! HOO-FLIPPING-RAAAAHHHH.

Now ....it spends about 20 to 30 seconds on reboot, making sure it's done it's job of backing up ...maybe letting you know of a couple it can't sync (but doesn't tell you why .... tut-tut), ..then lets you and your computer get on with your day. FINALLY. .....it's tamed (pat on the li'll head to B&S).

Mr Google ......if only you'd told B&S not to bother looking at the "My Drive / Google Photos" folder in the first place, ....ever, never, and forever...then li'll B&S as well as the rest of the worlds community of photograph savers, might have been prevented from wasting a good proportion of time, energy, reboots, patience, and the excessive use of not-so-friendly naughty words!!!
Good luck.
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Wtf basic back up and sync issue and the thread is over a year old with same problem still being an issue.. have hd videos uploaded from a crappy laptop and tries to resycn GBs of videos just to skip them and say they already uploaded......
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