Get photo prints from Google Photos

You can order photo prints from Google Photos at Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, who typically offer same day pickup. When your order is ready for pickup, you pay for the prints at the store.

  • Prints from $0.25 each.
  • Print sizes available: 4x6", 5x7", and 8x10".
  • Prints will have a glossy finish at CVS and Walgreens, and a matte finish at Walmart.

Note: Photo prints are only available in the United States.

Order photo prints

  1. On your computer, open
  2. Choose your photos:
    • To print multiple photos: Select multiple photos and then tap Shopping cart and then Photo prints Photo prints.
    • To print a single photo: Tap a photo. At the top right, tap Shopping cart and then Photos prints Photo prints.
    • To print from an album: Tap Albums and then Select and album and then Order photos and then Photos prints Photo prints.
  3. Preview, make edits, change the quantity, or size. To change the size, at the bottom left of the photo, click 4x6".
  4. Click Next.
  5. You’ll be prompted to enter a “Pick up location.” Enter your location and tap a nearby store.
  6. Click Select location and then Place Order.

Orders can't be changed or cancelled once placed. When your order is ready for pickup, you'll receive an email.

Note: You might receive a warning message for images that are low-resolution, but you can still print the photos. Low-resolution images will cause blurry printouts.

Pick up your photo prints

To pick up your photo prints, you might need:

  • Pick up contact
  • Order number

When your photos are ready for pick up, you’ll receive an email notification from Google Photos. Pick up your photos from the store’s address, which is listed in the notification. 

You pay for your photo prints at the store. 

Note: You can't use in-store coupons or promo codes to pay for printed photos.

Change your photos & settings

Edit photos

You can edit and crop photos in Google Photos before you order your prints. Learn how to edit your photos
NoteIf you edit a photo after you order a print, the edits won't be reflected in your print.

Turn on location settings

To order and pick up your prints, Google Photos can find the nearest store to you with your location settings. 

Learn how to turn on app-level location settings for your Android device.

If you have problems with your photo prints or issues, learn how to troubleshoot.

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