Download or delete unsupported videos

If you upload videos that Google Photos can’t process, you should review them. If Google Photos can't play your video, you can delete it, or you may be able to download it.

To see your unsupported videos:

  1. On your computer, open
  2. Select the videos you want to download or delete.
    • Download: Click Download Download.
    • Delete: Click Delete Delete and then Delete. ​

If you delete a video, it will be deleted from Google Photos, but not from your device if you downloaded a copy. 

Make sure your video works with Google Photos

Your video should play in Google Photos if it's: 

  1. At least 1 second long. 
  2. The right file type, like .mp4, .mod, or .mmv. 
  3. Playable when downloaded to your device. If it can't play, it might be corrupted. 
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