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Tell us what you think about the Google Photos app, report offensive content, or ask questions about Google Photos.

Ask a question about Google Photos

If you have questions, you can ask experts and others in the forum in these languages:

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Send feedback to the Google Photos team

Tell us what you think of the Google Photos app by submitting feedback.

  1. At the top left, open the Menu Menu, then select Send feedback.
  2. You can tell us things like:
  • What you like or dislike about the app
  • Things that are confusing or don't work

If you check the box to include screenshots and logs, it helps us understand your feedback.

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Report offensive or unwanted photos that were sent to you

If someone uses a shareable link to send you photos or videos that you believe violate Google policies, you can report them.

Send a report

OPTION 1: Harassment, bullying, hate speech, graphic violence, sexually explicit content, or spam

    Open the photo or video in Google Photos.
  1. At the top right, select More , then Report abuse
    (If you don't see it, click Sign in. You need to be signed in to your Google Account to report something.)
  2. Choose the reason for your report.
  3. Select REPORT.

OPTION 2: Image of a minor

If you are the minor in the image, or if you are the parent or guardian of the minor, you can request to restrict sharing of that image.

Actions we might take

After we receive your report, we may review the offending content and take action. Actions we might take:

  • Restrict access to the offending content
  • Remove the offending content
  • Limit or terminate a violator's access to Google products

Please keep in mind that something you think is offensive may not be spam or abuse according to Google policies.

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