Scan and edit your Math problem

How to scan a problem?

To solve a math problem, point the camera at your math problem to take a picture and Photomath will show you the solution or solutions.

Holding firmly and writing with a neat handwriting will make scanning faster.

If the result is not shown after two to three seconds, then either the math problem is not supported or the app is unable to properly recognize the text (for example, due to poor light conditions or camera not being clean).

You can use the math keyboard to input the problem manually.

How to resize the viewfinder?

Tap and hold with one finger in the bottom right corner of the rectangle and drag in any direction to resize the screening window, until you get the optimal scanning size.

How to edit a scanned problem?

If you want to modify a scanned problem, tap the edit icon (looks like a pen) next to the appeared solution and edit it in the calculator.

How to scan word problems?

We know it’s been a long time coming, so we’re excited that we can finally help you with some of those tricky word problems! We currently solve a wide range of word problems both from textbooks and the ones that are scanned by users frequently, but we’re working hard to cover more every day. If the app doesn't recognize your textbook, it means we haven’t solved it yet.

When scanning a word problem, please make sure your image includes the whole context of the problem. If the entire problem isn’t within the frame, you will not see the solution.




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