Does Photomath need the Internet?

Yes. To be able to download and use Photomath, you need a stable Internet connection.

We recently updated our systems and introduced a new cloud-based solving technology to give users around the world a faster and better experience, regardless of their OS or device. This shift allows us to be more efficient in recognizing and answering your math questions and to ship updates and bug fixes faster. And that is not it: thanks to this cutting-edge cloud based-technology we will soon be able to cover the vast majority of Math areas, all the way to college Math!
If you have any issues accessing problem solutions, check if you have a stable Internet connection. If you use an iOS device with mobile data, make sure that Photomath has permission to use mobile data (Settings, Mobile Data, enable it for Photomath).

If you use a WiFi hotspot, but cannot access the solution anyway, this spot's IP address must be blocked for some reason, so try using a different hotspot or turn on a VPN. If your connection is stable and secured, but you cannot see the solution anyway, please contact us at

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