Keeping your calls private


With Call Screen, you can find out who's calling and why with help from the Google Assistant. Your phone calls are personal, and that’s why Call Screen uses new, on-device technology to keep your calls private. This way, screening works fast, offline, and keeps the conversation between you and the person who's calling. Learn more about how to use Call Screen.

How Call Screen works

If you tap “Screen call,” the caller hears a message that asks why they're calling and lets them know you'll get a copy of the conversation. Call Screen’s on-device speech recognition lets you see a real-time transcript of what the caller is asked and how they respond. Screening and transcription end immediately if you join the call.

Call Screen transcripts are created entirely on your phone

Transcripts are stored only on your device in the call log. In the future, you may have the option to donate call audio and the transcript to Google to help improve the service.

Call Screen doesn’t share call info with the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant helps with screening calls, but doesn't save call audio or transcripts to your Google Account, your Google Assistant Activity page, or Web & App Activity.

You’re in control

  • You decide which calls to screen -- Call Screen will not start automatically

  • You can choose to join the call, ask for more info, hang up, or report it as spam (reported spam numbers are sent to Google)

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