Keeping your calls private

Call Screen privacy tour

You can use Call Screen to find out who's calling and why, and to help avoid spam calls. Your phone calls are personal, and that’s why Call Screen uses new, on-device technology to keep your calls private. This way, screening works fast and keeps the conversation between you and the person who's calling. Learn how to screen your calls.

How Call Screen works

Screen calls automatically

You can set up Call Screen to automatically screen certain types of callers. Your Google Assistant asks callers why they’re calling. When you set up automatic call screening:

  • Calls from your contacts list aren't screened.
  • Call Screen detects spam based on what a caller says, or if matched in Google’s database of known spammers and robocallers (when the “Caller and spam ID” setting is on). A detected spam call is then declined without alerting you.
  • For calls that Call Screen doesn't detect as spam, your phone will ring and you’ll see how the caller responds. Then you can pick up or decline the call.
  • After the call, you can read the transcript and listen to the call audio in the “Recents” tab. If you don’t want audio recorded, in “Spam and Call Screen” settings, turn off Save Call Screen audio.

Learn how to set up automatic call screening.

Screen calls manually

If you tap Screen call, the caller is asked why they're calling, and is told you'll get a copy of the conversation. You can get a real-time transcript of what the caller is asked and how they respond. If you pick up the call, screening and transcription end immediately.

Learn how to screen your calls.

How Call Screen protects your data

Transcripts & recordings are stored on your phone

Call Screen uses on-device technology to keep your calls private. Transcripts and recordings are stored only on your phone, in the call log, and aren't sent to Google.

Call info doesn't get shared

The Google Assistant helps to screen calls, but call audio and transcripts don't get saved to your Google Account, your Google Assistant Activity page, or Web & App Activity.

You’re in control
You can screen calls automatically in English, in the US, on all Pixel phones.
  • To turn it off, under “Unknown call settings,” change all settings to Ring phone (default). Learn which languages you can screen calls automatically and manually in.

  • To manually screen an incoming call, tap Screen call. You can choose to pick up the call, ask for more info, hang up, or report the call as spam. Reported spam numbers are sent to Google. If you don’t want to record audio for manually screened calls, turn off Save Call Screen audio.

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