A billing account change wasn’t allowed

If you recently tried to change your Cloud Billing account's primary or backup payment method, you might have received the message, “This payment method can't be used for recurring payments. [OR-SIRT-09].” This message means that the payment method change has been denied.

Why this happened

We review changes to your billing account to help prevent fraud. If a change appears risky, it won’t be made and you won’t be able to use that payment method for your Google service.

What you can do

If you tried to make this payment method change

Change the payment methods for your billing account with a different bank account, debit card, or credit card.

For Google Cloud, visit Add, remove, or update a payment method for more info. You can also contact Cloud Billing Support for help.

If you didn’t make this payment method change

If you noticed that a payment method change was denied and you didn't try to make this change, check if any authorized user attempted to update your billing account. If not, you may want to change your password or take other steps to secure your account.

You can also contact Cloud Billing Support for help.

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