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Payments center has released a new user interface (UI) that brings together your Google Accounts in one location. You can access your business and merchant transactions from

If you’ve used your business or merchant Google Account to pay for a consumer product (like an app or movie), or to send money to a friend using Google Pay, you can now find this activity from the Payments center.

To adjust who can find your account, review your settings.

Business vs merchant

There are a few key differences between a business and a merchant:

  • Business: If you're a business, you pay Google for products and services such as Ads, Cloud, etc.
  • Merchant: If you're a merchant, you get paid by Google for apps, extensions, and services you provide. Google Play developers and Chrome Web Store developers are merchants.

What is Google Pay

Google Pay is a service that brings all of your Google Accounts in one place, making it easier to pay with Google for your consumer purchases. Learn more about Google Pay.

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my current account interface?
No. The upgrades apply to all Payments center accounts.
Will my business services or merchant payments be affected by this change?
No. The upgrades won’t change your business services or merchant payments, including your payment threshold, taxes, or payment schedules.
I’m having trouble with my account. What can I do?
You can search this Help Center by typing a keyword related to your issue in the search box at the top of this page. If you're still having issues, contact us.

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