Merchant identity verification for payments

To get merchant payouts from Google, you must complete a merchant verification of identity process:

  • After you set up your payments profile, Google emails you to provide information to complete the merchant identity verification process.
  • Make sure that you get important notifications from Google by adding to your address book.

If you have trouble locating an email from Google, fill in this form to complete the verification process.

It typically takes us 2–3 business days to complete your profile verification after we get all the requested documentation. If we've held a merchant payout pending your profile verification, we'll release it within 3–5 business days of completing the verification process. We'll contact you at the conclusion of our profile verification review. After Google receives and successfully verifies your profile information, any held funds will be paid directly to your account in a once-off, out-of-band payment.

Keep in mind that if you choose not to complete the verification process after receiving a request from Google for information, you won't receive future merchant payouts and we may close your profile. This means that you won't receive any further merchant payouts while we verify your payments profile, even if you've verified your bank account successfully. In this case, you should refund all orders that you haven't received merchant payouts for.

Required documents for merchant verification of identity 

Check the email that we sent you for details about the specific information that we've requested in your case. To complete the verification process, you may need to submit documents such as:

  • Supplier invoices: Invoices or receipts from a wholesaler for items that you're retailing help us to confirm that these items are currently available in your stock. Any invoices that you submit for payments profile verification purposes must include the supplier's business name and telephone number.

  • Driving licence or government-issued ID: If the address listed on your driving licence doesn't match the address listed in your payments profile, please submit proof of your address with a bank statement, credit card bill (with the first 12 digits of your card number blacked out), or water, phone or other utility bill.

  • Business licence: A state-issued licence that shows that you're legally permitted to perform business operations.

When you submit this information, include your payments centre Merchant ID on all submitted documents. We securely store your personal information and treat it in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Payments Privacy Notice

European merchant verification for payments

If you haven't received your merchant payment and you're based in the European Union (EU), it may be because you haven't completed the merchant verification of identity (also called 'seller verification identification', or SVID) process.

We review your payments profile periodically to confirm your identity and protect you from fraud. Also, European law requires payment providers to verify the identity of their customers and withhold payments until they've completed the SVID process. To comply with these regulations, if you're selling to customers in the EU we may contact you to request more documentation by email to help us confirm your identity.

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