Payments center for merchants updates

What’s new?

Payments center releases a new user interface and new access controls to let you better control who has access to your account and what they can do once in your account. Review your settings to adjust your access controls. 

Future upgrades will incorporate the payments center account into Developer Console. You’ll have access to all aspects of your account within the same console. 

When will I see the new account?

The UI and access controls will be rolled out to all merchants by mid-October 2016.

What actions do I have to take?

By mid-October 2016, we’ll have completed upgrades to the payments center. Once upgrades are in place, we recommend 2 actions:

  • Review your account access control settings and adjust them as needed
  • Review the email settings for each user in light of upgraded email rules -  as part of the upgrade, we’ve expanded email options, and some account users may begin receiving new types of emails

Can I keep my current account interface?

No. The upgrades apply to all payments center account users.

Will my merchant payments be affected by these change?

No. The upgrades do not include any changes to your merchant payments, including your payment threshold, taxes, or payment schedules.

I’m having trouble with my account. What can I do?

Search this help center by using the search box and, if you're still having issues, contact us.

Permissions updates

What’s changing?

We’ve added 2 new access levels to give you greater control and privacy in your account.

  • Read-only merchant users can only edit customer orders. This permission will no longer be able to edit tax and bank information
  • Full access users can now edit orders and bank account information

How do I update them?

Take a look at the instructions to review and edit your permissions.

Our admin no longer works at our company, what should I do?

Contact our support team.

Email updates 

What’s changing?

We’ve expanded the types of emails you can choose to allow users to receive. Users you choose to receive "All Payments email" have access to all payments emails associated with your profile, not just payments emails. See what types of emails your users can receive regarding your payments profile.

How do I update them?

To learn how to review and make changes to your user email preferences, visit the payments center for merchants help center.

Our admin no longer works at our company, what should I do?

Contact our support team.

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