What is the Google payments center?

The Google payments center is a single location where you can manage the ways you pay for (or get paid through) Google products and services. You can use the payment information stored in the payment center to pay for other Google products, like Play digital content, Drive storage space, or hardware on Google Store.

On the payments center you can:

…and much more.

What is a payments profile?

Your payments profile stores your payment information in one place so you can make purchases across Google products. It's a collection of ways to pay, subscriptions, transaction histories, and billing information that is tied to your Google Account.

Your payments profile is usually created automatically the first time you buy something from Google or sign up for a paid Google service.

Learn more about creating and managing a payments profile

Why is there already payment information in my payments profile?

If there is already payment information in your payments profile, you've already bought something from Google.

When you buy something from Google and enter a form of payment (such as a credit card), your payment info is stored in your payments profile so you won't have to enter your info again the next time you want to buy something.

How do I change information in my payments profile?

You can:

Why can't I access the Google payments center?

If you go to the Google payments center and don't see options to manage your payments, there are several possibilities:

  • You've never bought anything from Google. Your payments profile is created the first time you buy something from Google (or sign up for a Google service that pays you).
  • You have a special account type. Special account types for children and organizations do not directly use the payments center or have their own payments profiles because these accounts are managed by other user accounts (typically a parent or one or more representatives of the organization). Contact the administrator of the account for help changing your profile information.

How do I close my payments profile?

For instructions, visit Permanently close your Google payments profile.

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