Get Started: Apply for a credit card on Google Pay

This feature is currently available to a limited number of users only. Credit card offers in Money section are being progressively rolled out.

You can now apply for a credit card with our partner banks on Google Pay. The issued card can be linked to Google Pay and used to make payments. To read more about credit card how transactions are made safe and secure, click here.

To apply for a credit card on Google Pay, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Tap the Credit Card button in the Money section on Google Pay to start the process
  2. Explore the benefits of the card. You can tap on More card benefits button to explore card benefits in detail 
  3. Tap Apply Now
  4. Review your personal information and make sure your information is correct. Tap Continue to proceed.
  5. Next step is to verify the card delivery address. Please ensure you enter the correct address here
  6. Review your credit card Terms and Conditions. If you’re ok with it, tap Continue to submit your application. 

Important: Once you submit an application, you cannot cancel it on Google Pay. If you wish to cancel your credit card application, please contact the bank below: 

Contact Axis Bank 

  1. Once approved by the bank, you will receive a notification indicating that your credit card account set-up is complete

Paying With Credit Cards on Google Pay

To pay with a credit card in Google Pay, you will need to add the credit card first. Please refer to this article for instructions on how to do so and make payments using your credit card. 

Privacy, Terms and Policies

  • By using the Google Pay Services, you agree to have read and understood the Google Privacy Policy and the Google Pay Terms of Service.
  • By using the Google Pay Services, you agree to have read and understood the Google Pay User Policy.
  • Credit cards offered through Google Pay are administered and issued by banks working in partnership with Google. Google is not involved with the application process, eligibility criteria or issuance of the credit card.
  • For the specific terms and conditions of each credit card, please see the links below to our partner banks:
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