What is Google Pay?

Google Pay brings together all the ways you can pay with Google.

Enter your card information once and use it to:

Important: As of May 10, 2021, you can no longer send or receive money with pay.google.com or the old Google Pay app. You can still claim funds for any pending transactions. To send or receive money with friends and family, download the new Google Pay app.

You can also use your gift cards, loyalty cards, tickets, and coupons with Google Pay when you shop at your favorite stores.

Note: Google Pay is not used for Google business products like AdWords, Cloud, or GSuite.

Get Google Pay

In the US only, Download Google Pay on your iOS device.

Google Pay frequently asked questions

What’s happening to Google Pay Send?

We’ve updated the Google Pay Send app with a new name and new features that make it easier to send money, manage your payment info, and track your transactions.

Do I need to download a new app?

No. The next time you update your Google Pay app, you’ll get the new features available in your country.

Google Pay Send wasn’t available in my country before. Is it available now?

For now, you can use Google Pay to send and receive money in the US only. Check back as we continue to expand to new places.

When is my payment information linked to my Google Account?

Your payment information is linked to your Google Account when you:

  • Buy a Google product or service (like an app or movie on Google Play or storage space for Google Drive).
  • Add cards to Google Pay or Chrome.

For more information on which payment information you have on file with Google, check the Google Pay app or pay.google.com.

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