Verify your identity

For certain kinds of transactions using your Google payments profile, we might need to verify your identity using information such as your name, address, or date of birth. You might also need to provide us with an image of your ID or proof of address.

Why we might ask you to verify

Some reasons we might ask you to verify include:

  • We saw a suspicious transaction in your payments center.
  • We need to verify the information associated with the account.
  • We need a little more information to comply with EU law (for European customers only).

Note: If we ask you to verify your account, any pending transactions will be canceled. Pending charges on your bank statement will disappear within 14 business days.

Notifications to verify your identity

If you saw one of these messages, you'll need to verify your identity.

  • "Your transaction cannot be completed. To proceed, please submit the required documents by completing this form."
  • "Your payments profile is currently suspended for violations of Google Payments' Terms of Service. Learn more."
  • "Your payments profile is currently suspended because some information on your account couldn't be verified."

Follow the instructions included with the message to verify your identity.

How we use your information

Google uses this information to verify your identity. We'll also add it to your payments profile. Your personal information is stored securely and treated in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy and the Google Payments Privacy Notice where applicable. The verification process won't affect your credit score or credit rating.

Fix verification problems

If you received an email or saw an error message when you signed into the Google payments center, follow the instructions in the message to resolve the issue. We’ll contact you after we review your information.

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