Delete your Google Pay for Business account

If you no longer want to use Google Pay for Business, you can delete your account. After you delete your account, you can't accept payments. You'll lose your transaction history and rewards.


  • Before you delete your account, make sure you don't have pending transactions. If you do, while you wait for payments to settle, do not use the Google Pay QR to receive new payments. If you have a problem with settlements or transactions in your bank account, you can add a new bank account.
Note: It may take up to 2-3 days for your settlements or transactions to be settled. If you are facing issues with settlements or transactions you can reach out to support.

Delete your account

To delete your business profile, raise a deletion request with customer support. To reach out to customer support:

  1. Open Google Pay for Business Google Pay.
  2. Tap Support and then Contact Us.
  3. Select your preferred language.
  4. Tap Get a call.
  5. Enter your name and phone number details
  6. To receive a call from us, tap Call me.

You can also call our customer care toll free number, 1800-309-7597, or request support here.

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