About the Google Pay for Business app

Merchants can get instant payments at no cost when you accept them with the Google Pay for Business app. When you set up payments, your customers can use the Google Pay app to send money directly to your bank account with no fees.


There are 4 main benefits for merchants who use the Google Pay for Business app:

  • Money sent directly to your bank account with no fees
  • Business-only rewards
  • Customers can make payments using phone number and QR code
  • Enhanced transaction details that show you how much you’ve earned on Google Pay


The Google Pay for Business app is available in India for both Android and iOS devices.

Download the app:

  • For Android: Download the app here.
  • For iOS: Download the app here.

Tip: The iOS version is coming soon.

Some business categories are not eligible. Learn more about eligible products and services.

How it works

In the Google Pay for Business app, you can choose to accept payments via Tez Mode, QR code, and phone number. After setting up your business, customers can pay you by opening Google Pay on their mobile device.

Transaction limits

Transaction limits are set by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), your bank, and sometimes, by Google. Transaction limits may change from day to day.

Taxes & fees
There are currently no fees to use Google Pay. Business owners collect and pay taxes such as sales tax, service tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), or any other similar taxes or levies on their own.
Google is not responsible for collecting or paying any taxes related to your business.
You and your customers can earn special offers and rewards for using Google Pay. Businesses may become eligible for rewards when they sign up for Google Pay for Business or reach a certain amount or number of transactions. Customers may become eligible for rewards for transacting with businesses or other users.
Learn more about merchant rewards.
Policies for businesses
Businesses that use Google Pay agree to follow Google policies in regard to security, privacy, and terms of service. Learn more about Google Pay policies for businesses.

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