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Track and measure your mobile app conversions

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Track how people use your app

  • Set up conversion tracking for Android and iOS apps
  • Import all conversions into AdWords 

Once you’ve convinced someone to download and open your app, see how they engage with it. What are they doing with your app? Which actions tell you they’re going to be valuable customers?

You wouldn’t stop tracking conversions once people land on your website. You’d want to see what they do next — and if they buy something. Do the same for your mobile apps.

Set up conversion tracking for Android and iOS apps

You must track conversions for your Android and iOS apps using one of these options:



For Android apps, you can link AdWords with Google Play for codeless conversion tracking without needing to edit your app's code or use a third-party analytics tool.


Identify which conversions are valuable by tracking:

  1. In-app actions. Track in-app events that matter to your business and set an appropriate attribution window. Account for the time it takes to complete each action from a click.


Note for conversions from your video app install ads

Interested viewers typically watch 10 seconds of your app’s video ad. App conversions typically happen within two days of that. For users who engage with your video ads (watch 10 seconds or more), conversions will be attributed over a 2 day window. For users who click on the ad, conversions will be attributed over the standard 30 day window.


  1. Conversion value. You probably sell items with different prices in your app. Use dynamic value tracking to account for these differences when optimizing for return.



Send all in-app conversions back to Google AdWords — even if you attribute it to another channel. Give AdWords more data to learn what makes a good user for your app in spite of where the conversion came from.



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