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The Display Network tab

This article only applies to the previous AdWords experience. Determine which AdWords experience you’re using

The Display Network tab is only available for campaigns that run ads on the Google Display Network. You can use the Display Network tab to determine where your ads show on the Google Display Network. Here you’ll set targeting methods and exclusions, which are the criteria for where your ads should and shouldn’t show on the Display Network. You can also view reports on the performance of your targeting methods.

When you arrive at your Display tab, you'll see your Display Summary, or an overview of your Display targeting performance. See how use your Display Summary tab.


The Display Network tab isn't available for “Search Network only” campaigns, as Search campaigns don’t show ads on the Display Network.

Types of targeting methods and exclusions

On the Display Network tab, you’ll see different sub-tabs that correspond to the targeting for your ad group. You can add targeting methods to refine the places where your ads can appear and choose specific audiences that you want to see your ads.

Contextual targeting: Match relevant site content

  • Keywords: Target or exclude by a page’s key phrases, like Rafting travel packages.
  • Topics: Target or exclude by a page or site’s central theme, like Hiking & Camping.

Audiences: Reach specific groups of people

  • Interest categories: Target or exclude by interests or affinities, like Outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Remarketing: Target or exclude by people who have visited your site before.
  • Demographics: Target or exclude by age group or gender, like Males, 18-24.

Placement targeting: Select or exclude specific websites and apps

  • Placements: Target sites, mobile apps, or video, like example.com with managed placements, or exclude any automatic placements using exclusions.
  • Site category options: Allow or exclude by Display Network categories, like live streaming video or sites about crime, police, and emergency.

Learn more about targeting settings on the Display Network and where your ads can appear.

What to do in your Display Network tab

Add targeting

Here’s how to add targeting to your Display Network ad groups:

  1. Go to your Display Network tab and click +Targeting, which is located above the graph.
  2. Select an ad group.
  3. Click the “Add targeting” drop-down menu and choose a targeting method.
Add exclusions

You can also add exclusions to your Display Network ad groups and campaigns:

  1. Go to your Display Network tab and click +Targeting, which is located above the graph.
    • To exclude at the ad group-level: Select an ad group. Then, click the “Add ad group exclusions” drop-down menu and select a method.
    • To exclude at the campaign-level: Select a campaign. Then, click the “Add campaign exclusions” drop-down menu and select a method.
View targeting performance reports

To view performance reports for your ad group and campaign targeting:

  1. Go to your Display Network tab.
  2. Select an ad group or campaign.
  3. Click any of your sub-tabs:
    • Display keywords
    • Topics
    • Placements
    • Interests & Remarketing
    • Age
    • Gender
  4. You can select the date range for your targeting report in the upper corner of your screen.
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