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Orion Wifi lets businesses sell capacity on their existing Wi-Fi network to cellular carriers. Orion Wifi requires that you configure your Wi-Fi equipment properly.  This help center provides guidance and configuration settings for each step in the set up process.
To sign up with Orion, your email address must be associated with a Google account.  See our instructions to create a free Google account for your email address.

Getting Started

To sign up for an Orion Wifi account, visit the Orion Wifi Supplier web portal and cick Sign In.

Sign in with your Google account.  

To see the Orion sign-in window, you may need to allow popups and third-party cookies.

Review and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Enter your business point-of-contact information and tap Finish.

After submitting your business information, the Orion supplier dashboard appears:



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