1. Redeem Google Offers
  2. Uninstall the Offers app
  3. About refunds for paid offers
  1. Redeem Google Offers

    You can see all of your saved offers in your Google Wallet. 

    Some offers can be redeemed using the Google Wallet app or website. Grocery store offers need to be redeemed in person using your loyalty card.

    Google Wallet website

    1. Go to www.google.com/wallet.
    2. Click Offers on the left side of the page.
    3. To redeem the offer, follow the instructions on the offer page.

    Google Wallet app

    1. Download the Google Wallet app on your phone or tablet:
    2. Open the app.
    3. In the top left, touch  menu > Offers.
    4. Select the offer you want to redeem.
    5. To redeem the offer, follow the instructions on the offer page.

    Redeem an offer linked to loyalty card

    If an offer is linked to your loyalty card, the discount will automatically be applied when you use your card at checkout.

    If you run into issues when trying to use a loyalty card, contact the merchant that issued the card.

  2. Uninstall the Offers app

    You can no longer use the Google Offers app to redeem offers. But you can still redeem offers using Google Wallet.

    Here's how to unstall the Google Offers app:

    On iPhone or iPad

    To delete an app you downloaded from the App Store:

    1. Touch and hold the app’s icon on the Home screen until it starts to shake.
    2. Touch the X to delete.

    On Android

    1. Open the Google Play Google Play Store app.
    2. Touch the Google Play Play Store icon > My Apps.
    3. Touch the Google Offers app, then select Uninstall on the app's detail page. 
  3. About refunds for paid offers

    If you bought an offer before October 2013 and never used it, you should have received a refund to the credit or debit card you used to buy the offer. If you didn't receive your refund, contact us