1. Get started with Google Offers
  2. Redeem offers
  3. Google Offers refunds
  4. Get new offers
  5. Information used to show relevant offers
  6. Find offers you've saved
  7. Using the Google Offers app
  8. Loyalty cards
  1. Get started with Google Offers

    Get discounts on products and services from local businesses or brand-name stores using Google Offers. Save offers to your account to redeem them later or use them right away. Here’s how it works:

    1. Find offers: You may see discounts and deals on websites and Google products, like Maps and Search. When you find an offer you're interested in, click Get Offer or View offer to save it.
    2. Get discounts and deals: Redeem your offer when you're at the business. First find your saved offer on Google Maps. Then, when you're about to make a purchase, show the offer on your device.
  2. Redeem offers

    Offers can be redeemed in-store or online, and some offers can be redeemed in both places. Before you can redeem an offer, you need to save it to your account. You can find offers as you use Google products.

    Find a saved offer to redeem

    1. Sign in at google.com/offers or install the Google Offers iOS or Android app.
    2. You’ll see your active offers. Click one to learn how to redeem it.

    Redeem an offer in-store 

    You can redeem offers in-store using the Google Maps app.

    1. Open the  Google Maps app on your phone or tablet.
    2. Search for a business or offer.
    3. Touch the name of the business to see more details, including offers.

    Redeem an offer online

    1. Sign in at google.com/offers
    2. Select an offer to see its details. It’ll say how to redeem it.
  3. Google Offers refunds

    If you bought an offer and never used it, you should have received a refund. We send refunds to the form of payment you used to buy the offer and send an email letting you know. If you didn't receive your refund, we want to help.
  4. Get new offers

    Offers will show up as you use Google products. For example, if you’re searching for a restaurant, you may see an offer for it. When you see an offer you want, save it to your account by selecting Get offer. You can also use some offers right away by selecting Use now.
  5. Information used to show relevant offers

    You may see offers in a variety of formats (text, image, video) on sites and apps that partner with Google, also known as the Google Display Network. To help you get the most relevant offers, offers you see may be based on the content of the site you’re viewing and your recent geographic location.

    To give you better results for your location, the Google Offers and Google Maps apps use your device's location. Sometimes these apps will save your location information to your Location History. You can manage or delete Location History for your Google Account on the Location History website.

    If you no longer want to get relevant offers, you can update your settings.

  6. Find offers you've saved

    Make sure you’re signed into the right account. Your saved Offers only show up on the Google Account you saved them to. Here's how to find all of your offers:

    1. Sign in to your account at google.com/offers
    2. You'll see your Active offers and History (used & expired offers).
    To help you find the offer you're looking for, sort your offers by saved date, expiration date, or business name.
  7. Using the Google Offers app

    You can see and redeem offers you've saved using the Google Offers app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in with the same Google account that you use to save offers.

    It's easy to download and install the Google Offers app to your device. Just follow these steps:

    Install on Android

    1. Go to the Google Offers page on the Play Store.
    2. Select Install.

    Install on iPhone and iPad

    1. Open the App Store from your device.
    2. Select Search from the menu bar, and search for “Google Offers.”
    3. Select the Google Offers app and tap the Free button.
    4. Touch Install App.
    5. Enter your password and select OK. The app will start to download.

    What you can do with the Google Offers app

    Save offers you’re interested in. You'll see discounts and deals at stores nearby and other offers tailored to you. To save an offer: Open the  Google Offers app > Touch Get offer to save an offer to your account.

    See all your saved offers by opening the Google Offers app > Touch Your offers.

    Get discounts by redeeming offers. To redeem an offer: Open the Google Offers app > Touch Your Offers > Touch an offer > Use now. Show the screen to the business that made the offer.

    Get reminded of nearby saved offers. When turned on, the Google Offers app will remind you that you’ve saved an offer when you’re near that business. To turn reminders on or off: Open the Google Offers app > Touch  menu > SettingsNew offers nearby.

  8. Loyalty cards

    Many businesses offer loyalty programs that allow you to earn rewards, points, and other benefits. You can save offers from a loyalty program by linking a loyalty card to your Google Account.

    Note: A loyalty card can only be linked to one Google Account at time.

    Save your offers by adding them to a loyalty card

    1. Sign in at offers.google.com.
    2. Click the merchant’s name.
    3. Click Link loyalty program and enter your loyalty number. You can sign up using your loyalty card number, phone number, or another 10-14 digit number.

    Use an offer linked to a loyalty program

    First, link a loyalty program to your Google Account. Save offers to that loyalty program. Then go to the business and use your loyalty program at checkout. Your saved offers will redeem automatically.

    Sign up for a loyalty program

    To sign up for the merchant's loyalty program, you can either visit your local store or visit the merchant's website.

    Update a loyalty program

    To change the loyalty program added to your Google Account, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in at google.com/offers.
    2. Select the merchant’s name.
    3. Click Update loyalty program.

    Delete a loyalty program

    To delete a loyalty program added to your Google Account, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in at google.com/offers.
    2. Click  Settings.
    3. Under Loyalty programs, click Remove next to the loyalty program you want to delete.

    Troubleshoot loyalty card problems

    Number already taken

    Loyalty cards can only be linked to one Google account at a time. To add your loyalty card to another Google account, you need to remove the loyalty card number from the current account. Then add the loyalty card number to the new account.

    Did not get a discount

    Make sure your loyalty card number was correctly entered into Google Offers:

    1. Sign in at offers.google.com.
    2. Click  Settings.
    3. Make sure your loyalty card number is correct. If your loyalty number was entered correctly, then send us your feedback.

    To send feedback about Google Offers:

    1. Sign in at google.com/offers.
    2. Click Help > Send feedback.
    3. Enter your feedback. Highlight details about your feedback, and blackout your personal information.