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I have been accepted for Non Profits but do not see a button to remove ads from search engine Although I have a non profits account, I cannot find how to register our search engine to it and rem…
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We started Activating our Google for Nonprofits account back in August but missed the deadline Hi, we started the process of Activating our Google for Nonprofits account back in August, and got s…
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Google Nonprofit admin account recovery HI, this is the third time I've asked about this and nothing has worked so far. My organization has … Our Non Profit domain has changed. How do I get that reflected in Google for non profits? My organization has changed our domain. What is the process for updating that change with google fo …
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Thank you to our nonprofits Around the world, nonprofits are spreading hope through action. To nonprofits doing so much to help …
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I'm stuck in verification, already verified by TechSoup but nothing from google.. 20 days now. I have gone in circles with the activation of our G-Suite Account. I have verified the domain twice … My Google for Nonprofits Account has another organization's name and EIN.Need to update it. My organization's google for nonprofits account has the name and EIN of our previous fiscal sponsor …
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"Expiration after trial" error Hi everybody. I got an error of expiration after trial period, and I cannot get it work, or better, … How do I find a consultant to provide training for G Suites to my non-profit? I work for non-profit that is looking for a consultant to come in and help setup or G Suite tools. W… Does google offer any GCP (cloud) credit/services to 501(c)3 organizations? We are a current google app customer for 501(c)3 non profit customer. We found out Amazon & Azure of…
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Can I join the YouTube Partnership Programme if my AdSense account is a nonprofit? I want to monetize my museum's YouTube videos but I don't want to lose ad grants money? Am i able to… we've re-branded We want our new brand to be reflected in the e-mail address and also migrate all our data across. Be…
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how do i set up our google g suite? I try to put my email and its not working.... to set up my account
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Google adgrant Hi, Our NGO account has been suspended. We applied through form but according answer we cannot open …
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Does Gsuite for Nonprofits free version allow you to access files on android and iOS drive apps? Please can someone answer the following quesitons I have before I apply for a Google for Nonprofit A… Chromebook Management for Library Hello, The Library in our neighboring town has had Chromebooks for years and has always been able to… How do I recover an already approved admin account? Gmail username and password unknown. Hi, I recently got one of my gmails approved for nonprofit status but didn't receive the 30gb drive … Change my last name at Google for Nonprofits My legal last name has changed and I have updated it throughout Google services except for Google fo… G Suite for Nonprofits Domain Registration problem We have a G Suite Legacy Nonprofit account that I'm trying to upgrade to G Suite for Nonprofits. We … Will I be charged to upgrade from GSuite Legacy to Google Non-profits? Hi, I've seen the various posts about how I need to convert my Gsuite Free Legacy account to a basic…
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