Configure sync options

Important: If you're using a tablet with multiple users, each user has separate sync options.

To reach sync settings for Google Accounts, start from Settings > Accounts > Google.

Configure auto-sync for all apps

To control auto-sync for all apps that use it, open Settings > Data usage > Menu and check or uncheck Auto-sync data.

If this option is not checked, you may be able to use an app’s tools to sync data manually. You can also sync manually to collect messages, email, and other recent information. Leaving auto-sync off can help extend your battery life, but will prevent your from receiving notifications when updates occur.

Configure Google Account sync settings

To adjust a single Google Account's sync settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Personal > Accounts > Google.

    indicates that some or all of an account’s information is configured to sync automatically.

    indicates that none of an account’s information is configured to sync automatically.

  2. Touch the account whose sync settings you want to change.

    The Sync Settings screen opens, displaying a list of the kinds of information the account can sync.

  3. If your account is set to auto-sync, you can check or uncheck items as needed. If auto-sync is off, touch an item to manually sync its data.

Unchecking an option does not remove the information from your device; it simply stops it from being kept in sync with the version on the web.

Sync a Google Account manually

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google.
  2. Touch the account whose data you want to sync.
  3. Touch Menu > Sync now.


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