What is the Google News Publisher Center?

The Google News Publisher Center is a web tool that makes it possible for you to quickly and easily update information about your news source.

Like your news stories, the structure of your news site evolves and changes over time. In the past, if you added a new section to your site and didn’t tell our team, it was possible our bot wouldn’t crawl and index the content on that new section. With the Google News Publisher Center, you can now now easily update our record of your news source information with the new sections as soon as they go live!

Think of the Publisher Center as our record of your news source information. Updates to your news source information may be made by your team or Google News, with the overall goal of keeping your site’s information as current as possible.

Keeping your site’s information current helps both Google News users and publishers. It helps better inform users about what type of content they are clicking on (e.g., "blog") and helps our news robot discover and classify more of your site’s great news content! Please note that our record of your news source information is Google News data. Your use of the Publisher Center and any information you provide is completely optional. The information you provide may or may not be used in our algorithms at Google's discretion, and we reserve the right to alter or remove the Publisher Center at any time.

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