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Publisher Center FAQ

How do I access the Publisher Center?

As a new publisher, you must create an organization, define your settings, and set up your publication. To learn more, go to the Publisher Center overview and how to find out how to submit your content. To access the Publisher Center and get started, go to the homepage.

If you previously had an edition in the Producer tool or a source in the former Publisher Center, you can still find your organization and publications in the new Publisher Center. You have complete control to edit and delete anything that you find in the Publisher Center.

Who can access my information in the Publisher Center ?

You're able to access your organization and publications with your existing credentials. From there, you can manage your user's access within the Publisher Center.

How do I know if my content is eligible to appear in Google News?

Publishers no longer need to apply for inclusion in the News Index. Publishers that adhere to our content policies are eligible for consideration in our news surfaces. If you previously applied and were accepted, you don't need to make any changes. To learn more, go to Help Google News discover your web crawled content.

If I add my site to the new Google Publisher Center, does that imply that I am included in Google News?

The goal of the new Google Publisher Center is to equip publishers to seamlessly handle Google News–related publisher tasks with less effort. The use of Publisher Center isn't related to whether your content is eligible to appear for inclusion on Google-wide news surfaces. To learn more, go to Appear in Google News. 

How can I opt out from appearing in Google News?

Use a robots.txt file to get a high level of control over which parts of your site appear in Google Search and Google News. You can block access in the following ways:
  • To prevent your site from only appearing in Google News, block access to Googlebot-News with a robots.txt file.
  • To prevent your site from appearing in Google News and Google Search, block access to Googlebot with a robots.txt file.

To learn more, go to our full instructions on Block access to content on your site.

How will this affect my traffic from Google?

We make improvements to the ranking process everyday. With news, we aim to deliver the most valuable and timely information from many perspectives. Publishers that deliver informative, timely, original, and relevant content that adheres to our content policies are eligible for consideration in our news surfaces.

How does Google enforce its content policies?

Google’s content policies continue to play an important role in providing a quality experience for users and publishers. Google takes steps to ensure that articles that appear in our news experiences adhere to our content policies, which include requirements for transparency and accountability.
New Publisher Center

Google launched a new Publisher Center interface to help publishers easily manage how their content appears across Google News surfaces. Read more on this FAQ page and our blog post.

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