News sitemap errors

The “Sitemaps” tab in your Search Console account lists errors Google found with your News sitemap and warnings about potentially problematic issues.

Address any errors as soon as possible with the instructions below. After you fix an error, save your sitemap, and then re-submit it. It can take up to a day for Google to process the re-submitted sitemap, so you might continue to experience error messages until then.

Tip: For any general sitemap issues, consult the Search Console article on sitemap errors.

Error Description How to fix
Too many News URLs More than our specified maximum number of URLs (1,000) open in the sitemap file. Break your sitemap into several smaller sitemaps, and list these in a sitemap index file. Then, upload and submit these files.
Missing <publication> tag Each URL in a News sitemap must have a <publication> tag. Add a publication tag to each of the article URLs in your News sitemap. Learn more about how to create a Google News sitemap.


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