Measure the impact of Google News

Publishers can track their content’s performance based on how it appears in Google News.

Section-based content

If your content was provided through RSS feeds in the Publisher Center, you can track it through or referrers. You can set up tracking in Google News Publisher Center to provide more detail and track content that is rendered natively within the Google News Android and iOS apps.

Important: Do not add your feed analytic numbers coming from the Publisher Center in addition to referrers, since they both measure the same behavior.

Learn more about analytics in the Publisher Center.

Web-crawled content

To differentiate the traffic from Google News and the rest of your traffic, you can look for the HTTP referrer. This is applicable if your content is:

  • Crawled from your site or from the content labels you added in the Publisher Center.

  • Shown directly from your site on Google News, or linked out directly to your site.

Readers with the referrers "" or "" are incoming from the Google News App & web browser.

You can use your own on-page analytics for further analysis of your standard HTML and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) articles.

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