Create Feed sections

You can create feed sections in Google News. Each section keeps your content organized under one common topic, such as:

  • Latest 
  • Sports 
  • Politics 
  • Arts & Culture
  • Fashion

Create a Feed section

  1. Open Publisher Center.
  2. Select your publication.
  3. Click Google News and then Edit.
  4. Click Content settings and then New section.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Feed.
  6. In the pop-up window, include your feed’s name.
    • Tip: The feed name appears to readers as a section heading.
  7. Enter your RSS or Atom feed URL. Your feed must follow the Google News Technical requirements.
  8. Under "View access," define who can find each section.
  9. If you want to opt out of AMP or web rendering, select the option "Use feed content."
    • Important: If available, Google News displays AMP pages. If AMP pages are unavailable or invalid, Google News instead displays:
      • Your data rendered natively on the device for mobile, if you select the option "Use website or AMP (recommended)."
      • Your feed content, if you select the option "Use feed content."
  10. To save your edits, click Save.

Learn more about how to manage AMP and web content in Google News.

Avoid duplicate images

To avoid duplicate images that appear in your articles, include only one high-resolution version of an image in the feed. Each image should be at least 800 px. 

To avoid duplicate images:

  1. Remove duplicate images by URL: The Publisher Center removes media that may be duplicated based on image URLs.
  2. Enable loose duplicate image matching: The Publisher Center automatically detects duplicate images when the image data is similar. This setting allows the Publisher Center to flag more images as duplicates.

Update frequency of feed content

Content from the feed will update hourly unless the publication uses WebSub, in which case, updates will happen instantly. Each feed section will contain a timestamp representing when the feed was last updated. 

To manually trigger an update:

  1. Open Publisher Center.
  2. Select your publication.
  3. Click Google News.
  4. In the navigation menu, click Content settings.
  5. On the relevant section, click Refresh.

A successful update results in fresh articles immediately fetched and rendered in your sections. A success message displays on the page. If the manual trigger is unsuccessful, an error message notifies the failure to fetch fresh content from the feed.

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