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Measure readership with Google Analytics

Monitor your content’s traffic with a Google Analytics account and a tracking pixel UR. These features are in addition to analytics in your AMP content.

Important: To use Analytics with Google News, create a property and mobile app views. Google News supports integration with classic Analytics properties and Analytics 360.

Get your Analytics tracking ID

You can associate an Analytics account with multiple properties. Each property has a unique identifier used for tracking a website or mobile app.

  1. Open your existing Analytics account or create a new account.

Tip: You can easily create multiple Analytics accounts, associate them with a single Google Account, and share them with other Google users.

  1. Create a property or use a pre-existing property of the website type.

  2. Find your tracking ID. For example: UA-12345678-9.


Do it now in Google Analytics

Associate your publication with your Google Analytics property

  1. Open your edition in the Google News Publisher Center.

  2. In the navigation menu, click on the General tab.

  3. Navigate to the “Tracking” section.

  4. Enter your tracking IDs:

  • Analytics tracking ID

  • Analytics tracking ID for AMP

Google News data in Analytics

Google News tracks the following reader interactions:

  • Reading an article

  • Viewing an ad

  • Bookmarking an article

  • Viewing a publication’s section

  • Interacting with content on common screens (e.g. Read now, Search, and Explore)

To view your data:

  1. Sign in to Analytics.

  2. Click Menu Menuand thenBehavior.

  3. Choose between 3 types of navigation reports: Screens, Events/publisher, and App navigation.

1. Screens

The “Screen name” column shows the titles of articles and sections that your users have viewed. You can view the number of times users interacted with your content on the listed screens:

  • Read now: This is the main personalized feed in Google News, called "For you" in the current version.

  • Search: This lets you know if a reader arrived at an article from a Google News search.

  • Explore: If a user reached an article by exploring a topic or publication in Google News.

    Important: Articles are prefixed with [Article], sections with [Section], and videos played within feeds with [Autoplay video].

To access your screens, click Screens.

2. Events/publisher

The “Event action” column shows how readers interacted with your content.

To access:

  1. Click Events and then Top events.

  2. Under the “Event category” column, click Publisher. The “Event action” column shows how readers interacted with your content.

3. App navigation

This report shows how your users navigated through the Google News application before viewing your content.

To access your app navigation, click Behavior flow.

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