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On May 8th, we announced the all-new Google News, replacing the former Google News on desktop, Google Play Newsstand on mobile and desktop, and the Google News & Weather app on mobile.
The revamped Google News brings together the best experiences of each of these different products into one richer Google News. The new Google News app is available for desktop and mobile, including Android and iOS devices. Learn more about the new Google News.

Google News helps users stay up-to-date on the news that matters to them and the world, enabling them to dive deeper into current events as well as discover diverse content from a range of different  publishers. Users can subscribe to specific news providers and topics, read content online or offline, and bookmark and share articles. Google News makes it easy for readers to find relevant and interesting content by personalizing what they see in the For you tab. The app uses machine learning to get better at recommending personalized content over time, adapting to users’ habits and routines. Learn more about how personalization works.

Through a diverse set of features, Google News enables users to learn about and engage with publishers. The Google News experience always includes prominent branding where stories are surfaced and provides monetization opportunities for publishers, including advertising and streamlined subscription sales through Subscribe with Google. Publishers can choose between direct control and traffic using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or custom styling of feed-backed content to provide the best reading experience.

Getting into Google News

Google News works by pulling feeds from publishers and crawling the web. Publishers already included in Newsstand or Google News continue to be eligible to surface in Google News. There are 2 primary ways to submit your content for inclusion in Google News. Publishers can sign up for the business terms and license their content to Google News through the Google News Producer tool. Publishers may also submit their website for inclusion through the Google News Publisher Center.

Even without setting up an edition in Producer or submitting your site in the Publisher Center, we also may find your site through our normal web crawl. If you do not want to appear in Google News, licensed content providers can remove their edition and unlicensed publishers may block access to content on their sites without prejudice to their continued indexing and ranking in Google Search.

Using Producer

Signing up through Producer is not required to be included in Google News, but it does provide publishers with some benefits. 

  • Editorial control: Design, brand, and customize the user experience for your content in Google News.
  • Monetization opportunity: Serve ads inside your content area inside the app. Google News supports ad serving via Google Ad Manager, including the premium solution. Publishers can enable paywalls in Newsstand using Subscribe with Google.
  • Placement eligibility: Editions with business terms are eligible to appear in the Newsstand section of the app (in applicable countries). We do not guarantee placement. Editions are independently selected for Newsstand by our Merchandising team based on the timing of a promotion, the quality of the edition’s user experience, and relevance to promotional theme. 
How Google ranks news content is determined by automated systems and has nothing to do with the business terms Google has with news publishers.

Publishers can create Google News "editions" in the Google News Producer tool, a self-service production environment. 


Using Publisher Center

Publishers that have already applied for and been accepted to Google News continue to be eligible to surface in the new Google News. The Publisher Center tool will remain live and publishers with existing accounts should continue to update their sites using the tool. 

Publishers that don't wish to use Producer with Google News, but would like to submit their website to be crawled by Google News may do so through the Google News Publisher Center tool. This allows improved discovery and classification of your news site so that we can crawl it more efficiently. Site submission through the Google News Publisher Center does not guarantee appearance or ranking in the app, nor is site submission required in order to be eligible to surface.


 The Google News team continues to provide the same level of support & tools for publishers regardless of their license status.
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