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Your chats stay private with automatic previews

With automatic previews, Google Messages makes chatting easier and safer. This feature works with your message data while keeping your messages private. And it’s optional — so you're in control.

How automatic previews work

When you turn on automatic previews, you'll find preview cards from Google related to certain content in your messages and when you search in the app. Cards appear for links, places, and other types of content that the Google Messages app is able to recognize over time.

How we protect your data

Automatic previews only use select info (like addresses and links) without linking it to identifiers like your name or phone number.

We use only the info needed for a preview

The Google Messages app uses on-device intelligence to automatically spot specific things, like links or street addresses, in your chat history. We use those links and addresses to create preview cards.

We use data without personally identifying you

Those specific things, like links and addresses, are the only parts of your message content that we use in this feature. They're sent to Google for a quick, secure lookup without saving them to your Google Account or Location History, and without linking them to identifiers like your name or phone number.

You're in control

You can turn automatic previews on or off at any time in Settings:
  1. Open Google Messages .
  2. Tap your profile photo or icon and then Settings.
  3. Tap Automatic previews.
  4. Turn Show all previews on or off.

Automatic previews include web link previews, but you can choose to only show web link previews. Learn even more.

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