Boost your messaging experience with RCS. Learn how to turn on RCS chats.

Customize chat appearance

To customize the look of your chats, you can select a theme for the background and message bubbles. Note that this will only work for RCS conversations.

Change chat appearance

  1. Open Google Messages .
  2. Select a chat you want to change the theme.
  3. Tap More More and then Change colors.
    • For chats with an individual contact: Tap Contact name and then Change colors.
    • For group chat: Tap Group name and then Change colors.
  4. To preview a theme, tap the color from the selection.
  5. To select a theme, tap Confirm.
Tip: The theme reverts to the default colors, if you:
  • Delete a chat with a selected theme.
  • Start a new chat with the same contact.

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