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Draft RCS messages with Magic Compose

Magic Compose is an experimental feature within Google Messages. With Google’s generative AI technology, Magic Compose crafts stylized, suggested responses with the context of your messages.

Use Magic Compose to get suggestions to start or reply to a conversation or to rewrite a drafted message in different styles.

The Magic Compose beta currently has limited availability. Learn more about eligibility.

Magic Compose in Messages

Turn Magic Compose on

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google Messages .
  2. Open or start an RCS conversation.
  3. Tap Message suggestions .
    • To opt in to Magic Compose, tap Try it.
    • To keep Magic Compose turned off, tap No thanks.

Get message suggestions

When you draft a message, Magic Compose can provide suggestions using generative AI and the context of your conversation.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google Messages .
  2. Open or start an RCS conversation.
    • Tip: Make sure your message has "RCS message" in the compose row.
  3. Tap Message suggestions .
  4. Tap the suggestion you want to use.
    • Optional: Edit the message.
  5. When you're ready to send, tap Send Send.

Get message rewrite suggestions

Magic Compose can rewrite your draft with suggestions based on the style that you choose.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google Messages .
  2. Use a message suggestion or write your message.
  3. Tap Rewrite suggestions to bring up style options.
  4. Tap a style to bring up rewrite suggestions.
  5. Select the suggestion you want to use.
    • Optional: Edit the message
  6. Tap Send Send.

Tips: Swipe left to get more style options. Magic Compose currently supports seven styles: Remix, Excited, Chill, Shakespeare, Lyrical, Formal, Short.


  • Google One Premium members in the Google Messages beta testing program have priority access as more spots become available.
  • While in beta, this feature is currently:
    • Limited to users 18 years and older.
    • Only available in English on Android phones with US SIM cards.
    • Not available on Android Go phones.
  • To access this feature in Google Messages, you must:

How your data is used

Important: Data rates may apply when you use Magic Compose. Check with your carrier for details.

Google doesn’t store messages or use them to train machine learning models. Up to 20 previous messages, including emojis, reactions, and URLs, are sent to Google’s servers and only used to make suggestions relevant to your conversation. Messages with attachments, voice messages, and images aren’t sent to Google servers, but image captions and voice transcriptions may be sent.

Conversation privacy

When you use RCS with end-to-end encryption, no one can read eligible messages as they travel between your phone and the phone you message, including Google and third parties. Learn more about Google's End to End Encryption.

When you use Magic Compose, up to 20 previous messages are sent to Google servers to generate suggestions. Then Google discards the messages from the servers. No messages are sent to Google when you aren't using Magic Compose.

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