consumer_datasheet: Definition

Use the consumer_datasheet attribute to provide regulatory product data,  such as mandatory energy consumption data sheets for appliances or nutritional or ingredient information for food products sold online. The consumer_datasheet should let consumers know the correct data about the product as required by the applicable local and national regulations.

When to use

Optional for each product

Required for products with regulatory consumer information, such as energy consumption data. 

EU and national regulations require that when certain types of products that consume energy are offered for sale online, the seller must provide technical information. For example, if selling a dishwasher, you must provide details of its energy consumption, water consumption and drying efficiency. The consumer datasheet is used together with the energy_efficiency_class, min_energy_efficiency_class, max_energy_efficiency_class, and energy_label_image_link attributes.

Similarly, for food products sold online, sellers must supply mandatory nutritional information about the product they are selling, in accordance with the relevant applicable national regulations.

In France, for front-loading washing machines, lawn mowers, laptops, TVs, and smartphones, you’ll also need to provide the repairability index of your product. To do this, you’ll submit an image of the index and a link to a PDF file detailing the parameters used to establish the repairability index that both comply with the formatting requirements mandated by law.


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure we understand the data you're submitting.

For details on when and how to submit values in English, learn more about submitting your product data

Type String (Unicode characters. Recommended: ASCII only)




attribute_name: up to 140 characters recommended
attribute_value: up to 1,000 characters
Repeated field Yes, up to 1,000
Example entry
Text feeds

Format each attribute by submitting the attribute name and value separated with a colon ( : ). To submit multiple attributes, separate each instance with a comma ( , ). Don’t use quotation marks and don’t use commas in attribute names or values. For example:

Annual energy consumption:176 kWh/annum,Drying efficiency index:B,Water consumption:9900 l/annum

XML feeds


    <g:attribute_name>Annual energy consumption</g:attribute_name>

    <g:attribute_value>176 kWh/annum</g:attribute_value>



    <g:attribute_name>Drying efficiency index</g:attribute_name>




    <g:attribute_name>Water consumption</g:attribute_name>

    <g:attribute_value>9900 l/annum</g:attribute_value>



If you choose to use the Content API to add the consumer_datasheet attribute, you will need to use the CustomAttributes feature. 

Content API (JSON)

               "name":"attribute name",
               "value":"Annual energy consumption"
               "name":"attribute value",
               "value":"176 kWh/annum"
               "name":"attribute name",
               "value":"Drying efficiency index"
               "name":"attribute value",
               "name":"attribute name",
               "value":"Water consumption"
               "name":"attribute value",
               "value":"9900 l/annum"


For further format API information, please see Content API for Shopping.


Follow these guidelines to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements you'll need to meet to show your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove your product and let you know in the Diagnostics page in your Merchant Center account.

The consumer_datasheet attribute is optional. You may use this attribute to provide any information required by local laws or regulations. For example, if your products target any of the EU member states or Switzerland, please consider the legal requirements on this matter defined in the national implementation acts of the EU directive 2010/30/EU and any other applicable local law.

  • Don’t use this attribute for anything other than the required regulatory information.
    • For example, this attribute should not be used for advertising or marketing purposes, general product descriptions, or non-regulatory information.
  • Provide the exact data, in the right order, as required by the applicable regulations.
  • Provide a name, identifying a regulatory data point, and a value. Both of these inputs are required and must be in plain text only, for example, no HTML or URLs, and compliant with all Google Ads and Shopping policies.

Best practices

These best practices can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance.

  • Don't duplicate data within the attribute.
  • Don't use search engine optimization (SEO) keywords.
  • Check for errors in grammar, spelling, or capitalization.
  • Follow the required regulations.


Electrical appliances - Dishwasher

                                                             Product : Dishwasher 

title Eco Friendly Dishwasher
consumer_datasheet Product Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 84.5 cm
consumer_datasheet Capacity: 13kg
consumer_datasheet Water consumption per cycle: 9.5l
consumer_datasheet Standard capacity cycle: 13 place settings
consumer_datasheet Energy efficiency class: A++
consumer_datasheet Weighted annual energy consumption: 262 kWh/annum (280 standard wash cycles)
consumer_datasheet Annual consumption (standard cycle): 0.92 kWh
consumer_datasheet Power consumption in standby/off mode: 0.10W/0.10W
consumer_datasheet Weighted annual water consumption: 2600l
consumer_datasheet Water consumption: 2600l/annum (280 standard wash cycles)
consumer_datasheet Drying efficiency index (scale A-G): B
consumer_datasheet Program length (standard cycle): 210 min
consumer_datasheet Noise level washing: 46dB (A) re 1pW
consumer_datasheet Noise level drying: 46dB (A) re 1pW
consumer_datasheet Installation type: Floor-mounted appliance 

Food - Cake Mix for Chocolate Cake

                                                              Product : Cake Mix  

title Cake Mix for Chocolate Cake
consumer_datasheet Additives: contains phosphates
consumer_datasheet Allergen information: contains milk, hazelnuts, eggs
consumer_datasheet Safety warning: can contain traces of milk powder, hazelnuts
consumer_datasheet Weight: 3.8kg
consumer_datasheet Manufacturer contact: 12 Main Sr, 81509
consumer_datasheet Country of origin: Germany
consumer_datasheet Location of factory: Bonn
consumer_datasheet Brand: Dr O
consumer_datasheet Specialty: hazelnuts
consumer_datasheet Certification: green point, ARA
consumer_datasheet Manufacturer/producer: Dr O
consumer_datasheet Serving size:100 grams
consumer_datasheet Energy (kcal): 414kcal
consumer_datasheet Total fat: 24
consumer_datasheet Saturated fat: 9.2 grams
consumer_datasheet Trans fat: 0.0 grams
consumer_datasheet Total carbohydrate: 43 grams
consumer_datasheet Sugars: 24 grams
consumer_datasheet Fiber: 2 grams
consumer_datasheet Protein: 6.4 grams
consumer_datasheet Salt: 0.92 grams

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