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Google Customer Reviews basics

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Google Customer Reviews is a free service that allows you to collect valuable feedback from customers who've made a purchase on your site. Your customers can choose to take a survey to rate their experience with just one click on your checkout page. Ratings from customer surveys apply to shop ratings eligibility and to product ratings eligibility.

This article will give you the basics about how Google Customer Reviews works and how it connects with both product and shop ratings.

Note: Reviews aren't verified by Google.


  • Shop ratings: Google Customer Reviews data is accepted by shop ratings, helping you gain shop ratings on search ads and Shopping ads.
  • Product ratings: Google Customer Reviews data is accepted by product ratings, helping you gain product reviews and ratings when you show your products on Google.
  • Engagement: Product ratings and shop ratings can result in more qualified shoppers visiting your site.
  • A badge for your website: The Google Customer Reviews badge helps you to let your users know what other customers have said about their experiences on your site.

Shop ratings

We use the Google Customer Reviews survey responses to help determine shop ratings for your site. Your aggregate score is a 1–5-star rating that shows up on search ads and Shopping ads. This rating also appears on your Google Customer Reviews badge. Learn more about shop ratings

Google Customer Reviews badge

The Google Customer Reviews badge is a visual way to help shoppers easily identify your site with the Google brand. The badge also promotes your shop ratings and can be placed on any page on your site that you desire.

Note: The actual star rating inside your badge will vary based on the shop ratings that you receive.

Product ratings

Google Customer Reviews can also collect product reviews and help you collect ratings for the products that you sell. Product ratings are shown on your Shopping ads as a 1–5 star rating and a count of total reviews. Learn more about product ratings

Google Customer Reviews opt-in

Google Customer Reviews requires that you display the survey opt-in to all your users after checkout. Users choosing to opt-in often receive an email from Google Customer Reviews asking them to rate their experience.

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Google Customer Reviews survey

The Google Customer Reviews survey is a brief questionnaire that is emailed to customers and allows them to rate their purchase experience with your site.

Enable Google Customer Reviews in your Google Merchant Center account

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Make sure that your Merchant Center account is verified and claimed.
  3. In the page menu on the left, click Growth.
  4. Click Manage programmes.
  5. Go to the Google Customer Reviews card.
  6. Click Enable to sign up.

Learn more about onboarding and integration

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