Linking Merchant Center and Display & Video 360

The steps described here are for advertisers with an existing Display & Video 360 account only.

Display & Video 360, Google Marketing Platform's demand-side platform, works with ad exchanges, third-party data providers, and other products in the Google Marketing Platform suite (such as Campaign Manager 360 and Search Ads 360) to provide a single place to manage media buys and buy ad inventory in real-time.

Before you can create dynamic creatives powered by Google Merchant Center, you must first link your Merchant Center account to your advertiser in Display & Video 360. Once you've linked your Merchant Center account, all of the information in your product data feed will be accessible in Display & Video 360 for creating product-level dynamic remarketing creatives.

Your product data will be read-only in Display & Video 360, so you’ll continue to make updates to this data directly in Merchant Center.

Linking to Display & Video 360 from Merchant Center

You can link your Display & Video 360 account to Merchant Center in a few steps:

  1. In your Merchant Center account, go to the 3-dot icon dropdown and and then click Account linking.
  2. Select Display & Video 360 
  3. Click the plus button.
  4. Enter the ID of your advertiser in Display & Video 360, then click Save.

If you use a multi-client account in Merchant Center, you can link either the parent account or individual sub-accounts to Display & Video 360. If you link the parent account, you’ll be able to use product data from every sub-account in your creatives in Display & Video 360.

Manage your linked accounts

Once you’ve linked your Merchant Center and Display & Video 360 accounts, you can manage your linked accounts from Merchant Center or unlink any account at any time.

If you need to unlink your accounts, go to the Google Marketing Platform section and select Unlink next to the advertiser ID.

Learn more about dynamic creatives in Display & Video 360

If you already have a Display & Video 360 account, you can learn more about setting up dynamic creatives with product data from Merchant Center by signing into the Display & Video 360 help center.

If you don’t have a Display & Video 360 account, learn more about buying display ads with Display & Video 360.

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