Policies and requirements

This article provides answers to common questions about promotion eligibility.

Your promotions must comply with Google's promotions policies and editorial requirements.

For how long can a promotion run?

Per Google's promotions policies, the maximum duration is 6 months (183 days) per promotion.

How many promotions can I submit?

Each Merchant Center account can have up to 500 open promotions (unexpired and not stopped by retailer) at any given time; additional live promotions will be disapproved.

What types of promotions do you support?

As long as an online promotion follows promotions policies, it can be one of many different types, such as free gifts, certain cash amounts or percentages off, or gift cards for future purchases at your shop. Promotion types are listed in our participation criteria and policies.

Can one promotions feed target multiple countries?

A promotions feed can only correspond to product feeds from one target country, which you select when you register your feed. For your promotions to be displayed for other countries, submit a new promotions feed that targets those countries.

Why do free and discounted delivery promotions require a voucher code?

A code is needed to promote free or discounted delivery in order to make sure that shoppers receive added value in the form of a discount on your normal delivery price.

For example, if you submit an item in Merchant Center that has a delivery cost of £0.00, this product will already be displayed as having 'Free delivery'. As a result, a free-delivery promotion wouldn't provide additional value since that product already has free delivery. 

Learn more about how to set up delivery costs

Why has my promotion been rejected when the discount is shown on the product landing page?

The price listed in the ad or free product listing must match the price listed on the product landing page. Discounts and promotions can only be applied at checkout or point of sale. You can refer to our promotions policies for more information. 

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